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Shit Miracle

“Once I had an epileptic seizure, and had a kettle full of hot boiling water in my hand. The boiled water went over my head and all over my body to my toes. I know ’cause my husband was standing by trying to help. He just prayed. When I woke up, I was wet from head to toes, no feeling, saw something on my left arm that looked like wet tissue, peeled it of, not knowing that it was my own skin – I had no feeling. And that is the only place I had minor burn wounds, on my left arm. I praise God for that! Just light discoloration now on my left arm. That is one of the countless miracles God has done for me, He can do the same for you if you just accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.”

That was posted on the (admittedly trolled-to-fuck-by-atheists) ‘Free Kent Hovind’ Facebook group, by a believer. She seems to think this is a wonderful example of her god helping her in a time of need.

But is it? All that’s happened is she’s had an accident, and been slightly less hurt than she was expecting to be. There are no doubt dozens of explanations for this, from the water not being boiling, to her clothing being thick enough to absorb the heat before it caused her major problems, to her actually having only spilt water on her arm in the first place, with the rest of the story being exaggerated later. There is not a single explanation that requires a supernatural miracle to occur. 

What gets me though is the facile bullshit spewed by this person. Why is it when bad things happen but there’s some kind of ‘lucky escape’ theists shout ‘miracle!!’? A plane crashes killing all but one of the 500 passengers and some believers will praise their god for this wonderful ‘miracle’. Well, where’s the miracle for the 499 who didn’t survive? Why did your god cause the crash in the first place? 

No doubt she has never wondered why her god has created her with a medical condition that causes seizures, or why he chose to make her have one when she was holding a kettle full of boiling water. No, she’s content to witlessly mew about how blessed she is that her god saved her.

Basically she’s credulous and incapable of critical thought when it comes to religion, something she sadly shares with millions of other theists.

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