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Do Some Christians Never Actually READ The Bible?

“God made all the angels, including Lucifer the angel of music and very beautiful. But Lucifer wanted to be God, so he was kicked out of heaven. So he became satan that deceived Eve in the garden of Eden. Satan (which means deceiver) wants to kill everyone, but he lost the battle with me. It’s all in the Bible (read King James Version). ” Sonia

“GOD created lucifer a beautiful powerful angel big in wisdom so he saw that he is powerful and clever now he wanted to go against his creater so GOD cast him out of heaven down here on earth so he is here on deceiving people because GOD” – Petrus

These are posts that two Christians have made, independently of one another, on the increasingly entertaining Free Kent Hovind Facebook page. I’m not going to beat about the bush here, I’m baffled….I’m baffled as to where they’re getting this stuff from. Despite Sonia’s insistence that it’s in the King James Bible (what, are other translations too accurate for you?), I can assure you it’s not. I grew up with the Bible, I was a believing Christian for the first 17 or 18 years of my life, and I have read the the entire Bible many times, and there is NOTHING about this Angel of Music who ‘wanted to be God’, not a single bean.

I’ve asked both Sonia and Petrus to explain where they’ve got their idea from, and have received no reply so far. If I were going to take a guess though, I’d bet on it being told them from the pulpit of their local church, and I’d go further in suggesting that neither Sonia or Petrus have ever actually read the book they base a significant amount of their lives on.

This seems to be a common theme amongst Christians, millions upon millions of them just accept what’s shovelled into them by bullshit peddlers like Hovind and Ham – indeed, it’s probably in the best interest of these charlatans that their followers don’t bother to ever read the Bible, if they did they’d soon realise they’re being lied to.

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One thought on “Do Some Christians Never Actually READ The Bible?

  1. It is painfully obvious, judging by the blather many christians post around the Web, that most have no idea about what their bible actually contains. Their "knowledge" is limited to whatever they've been told by equally uninformed preachers and Sunday school teachers, who generally pick and choose from among the "good" stuff.Further, the quality of many christian posts I've read suggests that the majority of them have on the order of a third-grade reading capability. If they were to ever attempt to read a REAL book, they wouldn't get past the title page.

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