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Stormbringer Doesn’t Seem to Know What to Think

It must be very strange living inside Stormbringer (aka Nicky aka Bob aka Piltdown Superman aka Rhomphaia (possibly) aka any number of other sockpuppets)  – juggling all his online personae must become wearing after a while.

It surely can’t be helped by the fact that the poor chap doesn’t seem to know what to believeat the best of times. Example: today he’s flummoxed himself with this doozy of contradiction –

Yes, you have read those correctly, he really is attacking scientists one minute, and then howling with rage when someone suggests that ‘creation scientists’ aren’t correct.
Which is it Bob? Are all scientists to be treated as liars rebelling against your god, or do you think that sheer numbers of scientists believing a certain thing makes that thing true? Looks like you can’t make up your mind!

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