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Mouth Breathing Morons

These are two of many pearls of wisdom from Twitter user David Knight. David is a Creationist (as you can probably guess from his tweets) and has no time for science OR reality in his world. I’d planned today to write at length about David and the thoroughly fuckwitted ‘Free Kent Hovind’ Facebook page, but then I thought again.

I mean, really, what’s the point? I could fire up my insult muscles, spray these educationally subnormal tools with invective both creative and amusing….true, it would entertain me for a few moments as I conjured up hilarious counter-parted double barrelled compound insults, but what, ultimately, would change?

These people would still be there, furiously stabbing their opinions onto the much suffering keyboards of their computers, they’d still believe flaming horseshit, and they would see my attack as just being more evidence that atheists are all evil blasphemous attack dogs, waiting to leap upon the lambs of Jesus and rip their throats out with fangs of reason.

I’d change nothing, and (to be honest) the thrill of skewering these people on a barbed comment has worn off. Basically I have better things to do.

So, go and look at those pages, gasp at how utterly ignorant these people are, and then get on with living your only life, your only, glorious, unique, life. You’ve got my permission to take a day off from kicking the idiots, go on, you’ve earned it.

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3 thoughts on “Mouth Breathing Morons

  1.      I have to say that the "fangs of reason" are seldom present. That is the problem. People confuse going off on an insult-fest with making a cogent argument. Yes, yes, you think people are morons because they don't automatically agree with you on certain issues. And they think you a moron for not agreeing with them on the same issues. It's not very persuasive either way. The fact is that I look around and I see various groups wanting people to jump on their respective bandwagons. And they don't give any reasons why theirs is any different from any other.

  2. " And they don't give any reasons why theirs is any different from any other."I dunno about that, there's a difference between religious faith and scientific fact. It's not about which 'bandwagon' people are on, facts are not a matter of 'opinion' – facts are facts.One side is right, and the other side is wrong.

  3.      Well, I think there is a difference between religious faith and scientific fact. But I see things that look like religious faith passed off as "scientific fact." Personally, I give the most credibility to the things which I can check for myself with no preparation. And I regard as religious faith anything that one must accept as true years before he can be qualified to understand and interpret the evidence. To me, anything of that nature looks like it is steeped in confirmation bias. But churches have operated that way for thousands of years.

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