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Wisdom Teeth

Today I had my wisdom teeth out.

I was warned before hand that, because two of the teeth being removed had roots that cut across the main nerve running to my lips, chin and nose, there was a risk that I might end up with permanent numbness if the nerve was cut. Even though I was assured that the risk was only 2%, they did say that it would be likely that I’d have temporary numbness for at least a month.

At this point I would say ‘I guess I lucked out’ but I think the truth is that the dental surgeons at Corbett House Stourbridge are just good at their jobs. I’ve no numbness at all, and (apart from slight side effects from the anaesthetic) I’ve very little in the way of pain.

So why am I posting this here? Here’s the thing, if I’d had this done in any other era several things might have happened, ranging from permanent nerve damage, right through to death. The fact that I have practically no ill effects from this dental work (not even a split lip!) is due to the advancement of medical science, medical science that wouldn’t exist if mankind hadn’t ignored the more lunatic fringe of various religions.

Science 1, Religion 0

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One thought on “Wisdom Teeth

  1. Excellent point here. Without science, the tumour my dad had removed 2 years ago surely would have killed him. Thank you for a mature and rational view on this subject. Nice to hear a proud atheist not afraid to stand up to religion.

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