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Two New Podcasts Now Available

You can listen to the latest Fundamentally Flawed, and the brand new Fundamentally Flawed Extra, right now.

Click here to download, and you can subscribe via iTunes if you want as well.

Fundamentally Flawed

Fundamentally Flawed, Back

Just finished recording a new episode of Fundamentally Flawed, should have it edited and available to listen to in the next day or so.

Lies of Omission

I’ve been rather quiet this week, and I’ve been quiet for a reason. I’m wanting to avoid being defined by what I don’t believe in. For some reason faith heads (and right wing fundies especially) seems to think that all atheists are the same as each other, and that their lack of belief is somehow the same or a mirror image of the Christian faith. Obviously this isn’t the case, but try telling some of these Bible-jockeys this and you’ll get nothing but a baffled look (or in the case of someone truly loopy, like Stormbringer, a witless blog post)

Anyway, I’ve felt burned out by the whole thing over the last week or so, and this has manifested itself as a lack of posts to this blog, and no recordings of Fundamentally Flawed. I’m not bothered about the blog, after all there are no rules claiming that I have to post every single day, or weekly or whatever, but I do feel like I’m letting my fellow Fundamentally Flawed presenters down by not being around to record.

So, to the reason for the title of this post. Last Sunday I went to a local church that was giving a talked entitled ‘Life on Earth, is it Chance?’, a talk that basically took this form “Facts and Figures+Incredulity=Goddidit”. The main thrust of the speakers argument were the figures Roger Penrose came up with to try and give odds for or against the universe existing in its current form – basically the numbers supposedly show that the universe is highly unlikely to have occurred naturally, giving huge odds against the exact combination of forces, elements, etc needed to make a universe EXACTLY like ours. Of course, there are two criticisms of these numbers – firstly they’re utterly misleading, as the odds against ANY complex form being exactly as it is are immense, but only if you start with the finished form and work backwords, and secondly the Weak Anthropic Principle explains (amongst other things) that the figures don’t matter, as we’re clearly in a universe that exists.

The most telling thing is that Penrose, far from being astounded into a belief in a god by his figures, has remained an atheist….obviously the religiously motivated speaker on Sunday didn’t mention this, choosing instead to concentrate on his entirely fallacious argument in favour of the existence of a god. I confronted him about this afterwards, and he played dumb, claiming not to know what Penrose’s religious views were. Other than that, the only thing he repeatedly did when I was talking to him was put the cart before the horse, over and over claiming that the moon’s ‘job’ is to control the tides, rather than the movement of the tides being merely a side effect of the existence of the moon. I explained to him that, if we were living on a world without a moon, he’d be claiming that we were lucky not to have one because it would make the oceans move in a difference way.

The most alarming element of the encounter with this group of believers was that one of them claimed to be a science teacher in a Welsh school and boasted that he told his students about Creationism in his science classes – I did have to point out to him that that really wasn’t the right thing to do.

The whole episode has made me feel burned out though, and I have absolutely no desire to fight these idiots at the moment… positive result of this is that I’ve stopped reading the right wing fundie bleating of several of the regulars here, and I already feel better for it – I can very much recommend a break from reading the tweets of creatards like Stormy, Rhomph, or Mad Joe Cienkowski….in fact I reckon that if we all stopped reading and reacting to these morons, and others like them, they’d soon vanish. Try it, you might find you like it,

In the meantime, I’ll be reducing the amount of posting I do here – I do a lot more than just argue with theists – I’m an artist, and a musician, as well as being a dad and a husband, and those things are more important that trying to persuade some mouth breathing fuckwits in a square State that evolution is a fact.

Feel the Christian Love


Click to embiggen

No, Creationtips, just…

Oh dear.

I tried to correct ‘Creationtips’, to point out that we’ve both discovered AND identified our ancestors (as well as verifying those findings via DNA and many other strands of biology and other relevant sciences), but I couldn’t. Why? Because ‘Creationtips’ has pre-emptively blocked me on Twitter. Seems my reputation precedes me!

One of Many Reasons We Should Be Glad Rhomphaia Has Vanished

Check this comment out, from June…..

I’ve known of men, who had no known proclivity to touch a child wrongly, but were in situations with a child that became very ‘strange’. Tempting.

For example,
I knew of a man, his wife recently died. He had never touched anyone but his wife, sexually. Never ever thought of a child. But there was a neighbor who allowed her little girls to hang around the man. They wore tank tops and shorts. The old man asked if the girls could clean for him. He offered to pay them. They came over once or twice a week. Within a month into this, he started ‘touching’ them.
..Fortunately, the girls told their mother very soon and it didn’t go any further, but the old man had never done it before, nor did he ever do it again.

The man became tempted by them, their vulnerability, their skin. 

Yeah, that’s right, the child touching paedophile was totally innocent, he was led on by those disgusting tempting children! How DARE they be kids! Little SATANS.

Rhomphaia is a vile apologist for child abusers.

So why have we heard nothing from Rhomph for almost a month? Is it because ‘she’ is really just another of fundie mental case Stormbringer’s multiple personalities? Now he’s busy with his pitiful anti-evolution blog and multiple twitter accounts, he doesn’t have time to post as his only fan.


It appears she’s back, and just as homophobic as ever.

Is Chris Taylor of Conroe Texas Still Tweeting Vileness?

 Yes he is.

(via his WASP1461 account)

John Thomas, Prophet

John Thomas was the founder of the Christadelphian church, but he was also a bit of seer on the side…something that’s not really mentioned much in modern Christadelphian circles. Considering his strike rate, it’s not surprising.

Let’s look at a couple of his prophecies….

“The Judgment upon Ireland has been sitting since 1786. That crisis was the beginning of a retribution of seventy-five years. This period is called ‘THE END’ ……… After 1864 Ireland and the rest of the world will enter upon a new era, in which peace, righteousness, and blessedness will reign in the midst of the nations.” (Elpis Israel)

 and how about this one, from ‘Anatolia’….

“My conviction is that the judgment upon Babylon will be announced as about to set; and that the ancient of days and the saints will meet in the air and among the clouds, in the common A.D. 1866, or 1290 years from A.D. 606.” …………… “But in a few years, that is, about 1866, when the 1335 years terminate, he will ‘arise to his inheritance’ in the Kingdom of God”. …………. “How highly important is this exhortation now, seeing that in about a dozen years the resurrection will have transpired, and no further invitation to inherit it be presented to the world. The glory that shall follow is great for the approved (the Christadelphians). The world is theirs, when all nations come and do homage before the Prince of Israel, because His judgments are made manifest. But before they can have ‘power over the nations,’ they must bind the strong that rule them. This is their mission at the end of the 1335 years: ‘To execute vengeance upon the nations, and punishment upon the peoples; to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; to execute upon them the judgment written; this honour have all his saints.’ From A.D. 1866 to A.D. 1911, a period of over forty years, they will be engaged in this work and in the organizing the world upon new and better principles.”

Obviously John Thomas got it wrong….but what’s this? Jesus himself seemed to have something to say about false prophets!

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7 15-23

Certainly a bit of digging into the writing of John Thomas shows a man who had a sharp temper, and thought nothing of deceiving people if it furthered his ends. Could there be a clearer example of a ‘false prophet’?

Thanks to John Bedson for his excellent work here –

Pot, Meet Mr Kettle

‘Article says McDowell is author of two books on apologetics. Uh, no… Research, people! He’s done quite a few.’

Yeah, that’s Stormbringer lecturing OTHER PEOPLE on research! Really, the cheek of the man! Stormy really needs to learn to practice what he preaches.

Here are a few blog posts from the last six months about Stormy and his failure to research anything he writes….

and, just for variety, one from Marc Hall….

and more, this time from Jim Gardner….

….and those are just the ones were he’s made a big enough mistake for it to warrant writing about, believe me when I say there are dozens more instances of this kind of thing.

David Brown

David Brown, a Christian fundamentalist who tries to simultaneously believe in the ‘accuracy’ of the Bible and the facts of science, is wrong.

He is a failure at theology, and a failure at biology. Furthermore he has attempted to use me to attack my parents, and has shown zero remorse for this. When asked to keep me out of his argument he claimed he would do so if I wrote an article on this blog supporting him.

Fighting the urge to write a string of expletives to him, I asked why I would do such a thing, when he has treated me with the utmost disrespect. He has not replied, but has insisted elsewhere that I should still write in his support.

More than a day after asking, he has finally removed the link to me from his blog.

Too little too late.

If you’re a member of David’s church, and have any doubts about what you should do, I’ll help you out. Though I am an atheist, I was brought up in the same faith as David, and can see his actions as divisive, dishonest, and unchristian. If he wants to believe something that is different to the core beliefs of your faith, he should go and find another church – there are plenty of them. I recommend you disfellowship this weasel, otherwise the cancer of his deceit and dishonesty will grow and overwhelm your group.

I’ll reiterate – David Brown is a failure at understanding both faith and science, and lacks the courage or conviction to make his mind up in one direction or the other.

ADDENDUM: David has removed the link to my blog from his site (in fact he’s deleted the whole page that outlines his rather pointless dispute) but his has added the following to his front page….

If you find something on this site you disagree with or want to question, please leave a comment in the Guestbook or send me a private email if you prefer.   Alternatively, it seems some gutless folk don’t have the honesty or common courtesy to comment in such a way, and have complained behind my back to my home church, as if to re-ignite a recent campaign to make it impossible for me to participate there.  Please use whichever method suits your character

Now wait a second, if David is referring to me in the part I’ve emphasised, then we can add ‘liar’ to the list of this sad individuals failings. I both emailed and used his guestbook to express my displeasure at being dragged into his dispute, he ignored my final email, and deleted the guestbook post. 

You know what? I don’t care that David is now complaining that he feels victimised, he’s brought this entirely upon himself. Take a lesson from this David, don’t drag third parties into your disputes in the hope of scoring points, it will bite you hard.

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