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Ten Reasons Not to Believe in God

I’ve read some stupid shit in my time, and a lot more since I started trawling the web for the more idiotic word vomits from creationists to use as material for this blog, but this takes some kind of biscuit.

A pissy biscuit.

From some weird blog aggregator site (meaning I can’t identify the moron responsible) comes the following version of Pascal’s Wager, titled ‘Ten Logical Reasons to Believe in God’. I’ll go through them one at a time –

Whether you are an atheist, agnostic or a person who is struggling to believe, have little faith or great faith there is a set of logistical thinking that can be applied to understand the probability of God as indicated in the Old and New testaments. The following logic applies:

1. The existence of God is a 50/50 probability. He either exists or he does not. God is either true or false. If true, then ALL true. If false, all false.

Absolutely bollocks from the outset. Yes, gods either exist or they don’t, but the likelihood is so vanishingly small as to be almost zero. ‘If true, the ALL true’….really? So if a god of some kind exists it immediately defaults to being the Christian god? What about all the other gods man has invented over the centuries? Even if you could prove that A god existed, the odds of that god being Yahweh are 4000/1 at least. This argument for gods hasn’t started well.

2. Our decision to reject or accept the existence of God is also a 50/50 probability. Either right or wrong.

Again, complete donkey shit. I don’t know how a vague restating of point 1 could be considered as a new argument.

3. Our decision has a potential twofold outcome: If God is FALSE, then whether we accept or reject God, the consequences is irrelevant. If God is TRUE, then our decision to accept or reject God will have eternal consequences.

How do you know that? You have no idea that the god that might exist is the Christian one! Perhaps there is a god who will reward all of those of us who used our brains and questioned his existence! Three points in, and the argument is nothing but a rather weak jizz of special pleading.

4. The same logic applies to Jesus Christ. The proposition of his divinity is 50/50 probability. He was either the unique, divine Son of God or He was not. It is either true or false. If true, all true. If false, all false.

No. In a world where NO-ONE has ever been ‘divine’, the odds of Jesus being so are non-existent. You lot can’t even provide convincing evidence that he existed….

5. What if Jesus was a mad man who believed his own delusion? Or a liar? This is possible. But is it probable? While Jesus may have died on the cross as a mad man who believed his own delusion, what is the probability that his disciples, (who may have followed him knowing he was a lying mad man for some perceived potential power or political gain), would follow him to death?

What evidence do you have that Jesus died on the cross? Certainly not the contemporary Roman records, which make no mention of him, and probably not even Josephus, whose famous ‘Jesus passage’ is most likely a fraudulent later addition by believing Christians. As for his disciples – do you even know they existed? There’s even less evidence for them than there is for Jesus.

6. While one disciple, or even two could have been manipulated by Jesus’ charisma to die for him, what is the probability that 11 disciples (Judas killed himself) would willingly die for a mad liar?

OK, here’s a question for you – why do Muslim suicide bombers go willingly to their deaths? They believe something YOU know to be entirely untrue, a lie if you will. See? 

7. Re-framing the question: What is the probability they wouldn’t have died for a mad liar? All they had to do to avoid death was to deny Jesus as the risen Son of God after his execution. They did not deny the resurrection. All eleven apostles stuck to their testimonies until their death when executed by Jewish and Roman officials.

Why re-frame the question? It was shit the first time. Also I think you’ll find it very hard to find any evidence of Jews executing anyone. All your basing your ‘facts’ upon are what the early church fathers believed, beliefs that were already turning into myths.

8. The apostles must have seen something that compelled them to stick to their testimony to the point of death. That single something could only be the resurrected Jesus.

You’ve gone off the rails completely now, using your presupposed faith in the Biblical story as ‘evidence’ for it’s own truth. Didn’t you claim this was going to be a list of ‘logical’ reasons to believe in God?

9. While this does not factually prove the existence or truth of God or Jesus, it does slightly tip the scales of probability in favor of God and Jesus to 51/49 in favor of God.

No it doesn’t! It makes absolutely ZERO difference to the odds for or against the existence of a god!

10. Given this analysis, if you are not a believer, perhaps you should rethink your decision to accept Jesus into your life. The decision you make will be either right or wrong. And there are only three possible outcomes: No consequence, eternal life or eternal death in hell without God, for eternity.

I don’t think so. Only three outcomes? As I’ve said before, what if gods exist but the god you believe in ISN’T the right one? There could be an almost infinite number of outcomes! Your ‘logic’ is astonishingly pathetic!

All you’ve done is presented a rather watered down version of Pascal’s Wager, and he was a craven coward. If the best argument for belief in a god is ‘what do you have to lose?’ then you need to get some better ideas, and maybe you shouldn’t be believing yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Not to Believe in God

  1. don't forget that several bulletpoints of this set of ten are rephrasings or 'closing arguments'

  2. Twitter user 'scotsmanmatt' claims that the original article was written by an atheist! Obviously he has no evidence for this (just as he's failed to supply any to support his belief in a god)

  3. Alex, as you wrote those points are nothing other than a pathetic play on Pascal's Wager; in an attempt at proselytizing if I'm not mistaken. Only, I'm an optimist really, and as such I hope against hope no one is convinced by something so feeble minded.

  4. How about this one, the bible says God created Adam from dirt/clay, however 72% of our body is composed of water. It also states Eve was created from a rib of Adam taking into consideration genetics and DNA that would put them as brother and sister twins. With this none of us would be alive today due to inbreeding, and genetic mutations.

  5. Alex.This nonsense motivated me to type a response:"…what is the probability that his disciples, (who may have followed him knowing he was a lying mad man for some perceived potential power or political gain), would follow him to death?"What's missing from this little blurb? How about the fact that Jesus' followers were just as deluded as he was?With this in mind, what is the probability deluded people would fly planes into the Twin Towers, killing themselves and murdering 3000 people, all in the name of Allah? What is the probability that deluded people would drink Kool-Aid and follow Jim Jones to their demise?What is the probability that deluded followers of Marshall Applewhite would kill themselves in their effort to follow him to the comet Hale-Bopp?What is the probability that Christian, Andrea Yates, would kill her children because she thought if they died before the age of accountability, then they would all go to heaven?Ydemoc

  6. Alex,After reading the rest of that nonsense, I see that I jumped the gun with my response, since you had already posted something similar. Oh well, I suppose it can't hurt to now view my comment as re-emphasizing what you have already addressed. Ydemoc

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