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Seems Chris Taylor of Conroe, Texas has lots to say

Not content with his @bz1461 and @wasp1461 accounts, Chris Taylor, wannabe teacher, creationist, and massive racist, has started tweeting as @Lynn_7506 as well.

It’s classic Chris, a mixture of racism, witless musings on the USA’s best course of action for renewable energy, and barely coherent attacks on Obama.

Some examples….

Now, you might be wondering why I keep coming back to this sad little man…it’s simple, after he boasted that he would abuse any teaching position he might get I’ve made it an occasional mission to ensure that his views remain easily found via a quick googling of his name and home town. Yes, it’s probably pretty petty of me, but I feel I’m doing something useful if I stop this half wit from getting near children.
Anyway, as a reminder of his ‘brilliance’ here are some older posts about him  – 

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