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And Talking of That Podcast….

….here it is!

Episode 1a (or 0, or any other name you want to give it that indicates that it’s not the first ‘proper’ episode) of Fundamentally Flawed

Remember, this is the first test episode, recorded in a rather ad hoc manner. Jim, Peter, and I discussed various topics, and managed to entirely fail to get started on Peter’s series about the historicity of Jesus.

We’ll probably be recording another show during one of the evenings this week, there’s a whole lot of mileage to be got out of Joe Cienkowski’s failed church.

Hope you enjoy the initial test episode.

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One thought on “And Talking of That Podcast….

  1. Some extraneous background noise, but good atmosphere, your individual voices are easy to distinguish.Look forward to the next one. 🙂

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