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So Many Paths

It occurs to me that, even if evolution were proved tomorrow not to have happened, it would make no difference to religion being completely the product of man’s imagination.

No evolution? Doesn’t alter the fact that history shows the Biblical account to be wrong, and that philosophy shows the idea of gods to be logically indefensible.

No history? Then you’ve got the philosophical arguments (and evolution, which is now back in the pot) that shout at the top of their lungs that gods aren’t real.

No philosophy? Evolution and history (and archaeology and cosmology, and astronomy, and geology, and physics, and chemistry) are bringing up the rear.

You see, faithful believers, try and shoot down one line of criticism, and another 3 or 4 are still waiting to take its place. Even if you managed to defeat all of them you’ve still got to them provide evidence to support your position that your version of your particular god in your particular religion is the right one, and that all the other 4000+ that have existed over the ages are wrong.

And you wonder why I’m an atheist.

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