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The Last on Stormbringer for a While

I’m bored of Bob, so I’m going to ignore the sad little wank for a while, but I’ll leave you with this thread from the WeAreSMRT forum, where our favourite fundie loon-tard is discussed at length.


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4 thoughts on “The Last on Stormbringer for a While

  1. I think Storm is exhibiting signs of mental illness.Time to leave him alone.

  2. I agree completely. I actually feel a little bit sorry for him.

  3. Dude probably just needs to get laid.

  4. Thing is, from what I've read elsewhere, the bashings I've given him are mild compared to the ones he's received from others – one guy on another blog suggested that Stormy's family had faked their own deaths to get away from him!Still, he's a troll, good and proper, and seeks out this conflict, so perhaps he gets off on it…..

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