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Stormbringer, Not Above Abusing Blog Functions, or Getting Things Wrong

Hilarious arse, fundamentalist nut case, and outright dick, Stormbringer, has been at it again.

First he’s launched into another one of his anger fuelled attacks, not bothering to actually read what the commentator said when discussing one of his posts, instead just going straight for the jugular (EDIT: there was a link here, but Stormbringer has decided to delete the comments previously posted, and lock the discussion – probably realised he’d made an absolute tit of himself). Sadly, this kind of unprovoked aggression is all too familiar to those of us who’ve encountered Bob in various places across the web, time and time again people comment for the first time on his blog, or reply to one of his posts elsewhere and are instantly attacked, insulted, accused of stalking him, and generally treated with disdain (EDIT: Surprise surprise, he’s killed that link as well!) by a man who (let’s not forget) believes that Noah filled a boat with all the animals alive in the world, including dinosaurs.

Yes, I can be exceptionally rude to him, but I’m not holding myself up as some example of moral excellence, whereas Bob is blogging from the point of view of a believing Christian….he’s such a dismal spokesman for the faith though, isn’t he?

 That accusation in full

Today he’s boasted on his blog that he’s marking legitimate replies to his comments from me as spam, in the hope that I’ll get my account deleted. He’s also claiming that the ‘Palestine wasn’t inhabited at the time of Jesus’ comment comes from THIS blog! Well, I can assure you Bob, I’ve never said any such thing, and going back through the comments brings up only two occasions when places not being inhabited at the time Jesus supposedly lived are discussed, neither of which mention Palestine not being inhabited. You can read the two comments here and here.

Big surprise, Bob’s got it wrong again.

Here’s the problem with Bob/Stormbringer – he’s an angry, bitter, lonely little man with major transference issues. Convinced he’s being followed around the web by ‘angry atheists’ he accuses everyone else of being paranoid. He demeans and belittles anyone who disagrees with him, even if he’s misunderstood what they’ve said, and he never ever apologises when he’s made a mistake (and boy, does he make a LOT of mistakes!). So insecure in his beliefs is he that he spends half his time looking for positive reinforcement from people like Matt Slick or Greg Koukl (or any number of other fundamentalist hosted dial in radio shows), and the other half patting his pet Rhomphaia on the back (though if she ever disagrees with him, we’ll soon see that relationship turn sour). He refuses to use other people’s names, instead concocting childishly insulting nicknames for them, and he wraps the whole thing in an online persona that plagiarises the Dr Cox character from ‘Scrubs’ whilst managing to be unrelentingly vile. He sees himself as a victim, when in reality he pro-actively seeks out conflict, often generating it out of thin air, or outright lying, if no-one is biting.

In short, if he wasn’t such a complete and utter wanker I’d feel sorry for him.

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2 thoughts on “Stormbringer, Not Above Abusing Blog Functions, or Getting Things Wrong

  1.      Well, this could be amusing. If I remember correctly, Blogger investigates charges of spam, and multiple false claims can get the accuser suspended. Norman could find himself being "persecuted" all over the place.

  2. Yeah, I wasn't particularly worried that my account would get shut down – I'm sure Google deal with people maliciously accusing others of spam all the time.Mind you, it would be hilarious if his hate speech spewing blog got shut down as a result of his mischief!

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