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Today I stumbled across this asinine piece of crap….

Ok, let’s go through these claims – 

His coming was predicted hundreds of years beforehand – no it wasn’t, Matthew was so unsure which parts of the Old Testament were meant to refer a messiah that he made multiple mistakes in the attributes he gave to Jesus when he came to write up the myth
His birth was announced by hundreds of angels that no-one saw
His life was witnessed by thousands of people, none of whom wrote a single word about him during his supposed lifetime
His crucifixion was recorded by both the romans and the jews – no it wasn’t, that’s an outright lie
His life is available to all who repent and obey – really? That’s nice! So we can be a mythical 1st century carpenter if we obey….but what do we need to obey? Traffic signs? Is it? Is it traffic signs?
His name is Jesus. No it’s not, it was Yeshua

That lie about the Jews and Romans recording the crucifixion of Jesus…..that’s a new one on me!

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