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When is the Transition?

Creationists, please watch this video. Go through it slowly, frame by frame, comparing each frame with the one that preceded it as you go along. Is there as single instance when there’s a sudden jump, or the frame following differs greatly its ‘parent’ frame? If you were to be asked, would you agree that every single frame is almost the same colour as the one that preceded it?

No frame gives ‘birth’ to a significantly different ‘child’ at any point, yet when we get to the end the colour has changed from blue to red – circle the two back to each other and that’s a major change…..yet there isn’t a single point where you could say ‘this is the change where blue became red’.

That’s how transitional forms work in nature. Technically, when you reality denying Creationists insist that ‘no transitional fossils have ever been found’, you’re as wrong as it’s possible to be – EVERY fossil is a transitional.

Look at these Salamanders….

Now, you Creationists insist that things that are ‘kinds’ can breed with each other, so let’s look at these Salamanders. Trace the line down the left hand side of California – each is related to the previous one, each can breed with the previous one. Now trace the right hands side – again, each is related to the previous one, and each can breed with the previous one (and by ‘breed’ I mean ‘produce viable offspring’)

According to your world view, the two types of Salamander at the bottom of the map should be able to breed with one another, after all you believe they’re the same ‘kind’. But what’s this? They CAN’T breed with each other! They’ve evolved away from each other to such an extent that they are no longer the same species! Remember, part of what defines a species is whether it can breed with other similar creatures successfully.

Given time, a LOT of time, the two branches of the Salamander will continue to evolve away from their common ancestor to the point where they will be as different from each other as men are from dogs, or trees are from cows.

And at no point, not even once, will a child not be the same species as its parent.

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2 thoughts on “When is the Transition?

  1. Salamanders only ever become, Salamanders. No one has ever seen any Salamanders become something other than, Salamanders. This is because DarwinEvol is a myth.Is "Given time, a LOT of time," a scientific statement?

  2. You really are utterly clueless, Victor.Time is a fact of the reality we live in, so it's intrinsically bound up in evolution. But honestly, how fucking thick are you? Why am I even wasting my time trying to explain this stuff to someone who is so completely witless?

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