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Thoughts on Twitter/Blogging Creationists

Discussing Joe Cienkowski and Stormbringer with my wife today, it occurred to us that all the most rabid Creationist fundie loons online share certain traits.

They all seem to be not affiliated to any church – for example, both Stormy and Joe are out on their own, both having walked away/been forced out of their local religious group. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same were true of blithering halfwit Victor E. Pearson aka GospelToday as well. It seems that, separated from peers that might encourage these headcases to lean towards moderation, the ‘lone wolf’ online Creationists go batshit insane, spending all day reading their Bibles, rarely going out, and becoming convinced that their god is speaking directly to them. If this behaviour was demonstrated anywhere else, with the obsession being anything other than religion, society would (rightly) feel that these men (and it’s almost always men) were insane.

As their delusions are very deep indeed, these Creationists have also convinced themselves that scientists are involved in a global conspiracy to hide the truth about Creation from the masses. They state, with apparent straight faces that ‘evolution is a lie’ or ‘evolution is true but Darwinian evolution is a lie’ or ‘micro evolution is true, but macro evolution is a lie’. Basically all these statements show that the blogger or tweeter hasn’t the first idea about evolution, even though they will claim they are destroying it. In fact these men don’t understand the topic at all, but lack the cognitive ability to realise this. Instead they see themselves as heroic warriors for Jesus, and comfort themselves with Bible verses that state that they’d be laughed at for their beliefs.

Every last one of them will quote the Psalm that says ‘The fool says there is no god’ at least once a week.

Interestingly, they’re so utterly deluded that, if faced with conclusive evidence that something they’ve been shouting about is demonstrably untrue (eg Joe saying that BC/AD dating proves Jesus existed, or Stormbringer claiming soft tissue was found in a T Rex bone, or Victor saying….well, anything, to be honest) they will ignore the facts and continue believing something that is a proven lie. The capacity for self deceit is astounding.

Maybe joining a church group would actually do these wingnuts some good? Certainly they’re currently making their religion look like a joke to outsiders, as they proudly flaunt their lack of understanding of evolution and their poor grasp of theology for all the world to see.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Twitter/Blogging Creationists

  1. They also share the ability to get definitions of terms wrong (like atheism, abiogenesis, evolution, etc.They also seem to get the fields of science wrong. How many times have to seen evolutionists asked to explain the big bang?They also think that reading an article on ICR or AiG some how qualifies them better than people who have been studying science for decades.Incredible.

  2. With each harassment of a Christian you (atheists) make fulfills what the Bible said would happen to those who follow Christ Jesus; Luke 11:49; Luke 21:12; John 15:20; Matthew 5:11True Christians are supposed to do this to those who harass them: Matthew 5:44; Romans 12:14Thank you for continuing to prove the Bible true; God bless you and I pray you repent and accept Jesus as your savior as full payment for your sins.

  3. Or, to put it another way Victor, I'm spot on about you.

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