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More Crap From Cienkowski

He’s been on a bit of a roll today, talking massive amounts of shite

I think my favourite part is “Acts of the Apostles was written by Luke around 60AD, who wrote meticulously, objectively and systematically about the early Jewish church“…..does anyone want to tell him that Christianity and Judaism aren’t the same thing?

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One thought on “More Crap From Cienkowski

  1. And, as with many creationists, *so* *little* *imagination* when coming up with arguments. 'It doesn't matter how many believe it, that doesn't make it true' 'You must indoctrinate children young & force them…'. 'Evolution requires faith, and is a religion'. 'You are using a straw man, you just don't understand our position at all'. "Darwin is taken on faith, without critical thought".Gee, where did all those ideas come from I wonder?

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