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I Think Stormy is a Bit Mixed Up Here….

I can only apologise in advance that you’re going to have to listen to a load of witless mewling, but nutcase Stormbringer is making a bizarre Strawman here. If any non-believer has claimed that Palestine wasn’t inhabited at the supposed time of Jesus that person is outright wrong. Now Nazareth on the other hand…..that’s widely accepted to not have existed as a settlement til sometime after the first century – there’s a lot support for this idea.

About 3’45” in Stormbringer boasts about lying to someone that he’d written text books….seriously Stormy, no-one is going to believe that a man who can barely write his own name without making a mistake about history, biology, or theology, could write a text book.

By the way, Bob, writing ‘edjamakated’ once makes you look like a twat, writing it EVERY FUCKING TIME makes you look like nothing less than a cunt.

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