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More Idiot Creationism

Today I was intending to tear this flabbergastingly stupid pile of festering Creationist bullshit a new anus, but by the time I’d got to work the Another Atheist blog had already done so!

So elegant and to the point is the total dismantling of the believer’s argument on AA, that I’m not going to write any more on it – so what are you waiting for? Go read the stupidity, then see it taken apart point by point.

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2 thoughts on “More Idiot Creationism

  1. But note that no one answered all of the questions and even the ones which were answered were not answered.

  2. "the ones which were answered were not answered."??They were very clearly answered!! I think he eventually gave up dealing with your pathetic questions due to how, well, pathetic they are.If you're insistent that they should all be answered, I'll do the rest later.

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