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Stormbringer Fucks Up Again

It’s not often that I waste my time looking at some of Stormbringer’s additional blogs, but I was most amused when I discovered, over at his Piltdown Superman idiot spree, this rather interesting story about soft tissues being found in T Rex bones.

Titled ‘Denial of Facts in Science’, Stormy works himself up into a bit of a self righteous lather about this amazing discovery – 

Here is another example of how philosophers of science will tap dance around the facts against evolution and still cling to their faith. Seems to me that it’s not possible to find a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone with soft tissue still attached. But it happened. It shouldn’t have happened. But it did.
This rang some bells, as I distinctly remember looking at this story quite some time ago, back in February in fact….so when did Stormy spurt out his piece? May 18th, 2011…..

Why are the dates important? Well, if Stormy had taken time to read anything on my blog, he’d have saved himself the feelings of embarrassment that will no doubt be sweeping over him shortly, and would have realised that the ‘soft tissue in T Rex bones’ was nothing of the sort, with even the scientist he quotes in his article, Mary H. Schweitzer, complaining about being misrepresented by Creationists.

By the way, Schweitzer is a believing Christian herself, and even she doesn’t agree with the Creationists.

You can read what I wrote back in February here.

Poor Stormbringer, he’s a gullible, credulous, idiot, clearly willing to believe anything so long as it comes from a fellow Creationist. Chap needs to engage his brain more often.

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One thought on “Stormbringer Fucks Up Again

  1. My comments on QQQ didn't go down too well."Why should the US care about the opinions of foreigners ?"Maggie is right about Palin.Face meet palm.

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