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A Short Additional Comment About Stormbringer

In another of his barely literate bumgusts, Stormbringer dropped this gem today (I’ve screen grabbed it as well, just in case he deletes or edits it)

“Some time in the 1990s, my curiosity got overwhelming and I had the opportunity to attend a Ku Klux Klan rally in Michigan. I think they wanted to try to set up a local office there, I do not remember now. What I do remember is that they were articulate, soft-spoken and gracious. They were well within their rights, and did not say anything directly hateful, nor did they incite violence.”

Now call me old fashioned, but when I become curious about a violently racist organisation with a history of lynchings (which is fucking never) I read a Wikipedia page. What I DON’T do is go to a rally by these scumbags. Stormbringer apparently thinks this isn’t enough, so he went down to listen to them and, from what he’s written above (and in the rest of the blog post) seemed to think that they weren’t that bad really.
Is Stormy a racist as well as a homophobe, and woman hater?

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