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Breathtaking Stupidity

Rhomphaia’s been busy dribbling her ‘thoughts’ down her bib and onto her keyboard, this time blaming women for getting sexually assaulted or raped. Paul from Patient and Persistent made a couple of sensible points about nudity in the comments, only to be shot down immediately by the twin morons Stormy and Rhomph. So far so ‘meh’ you’re probably thinking, all pretty much what one would expect from the fundie idiots.

The reason I’m writing about it? The comments. The comments are spectacularly fuck-witted. When Paul pointed out (correctly) that it’s clothing that often sexualises women, Rhomph provided the following gem

This does NOT float.

One example why- Africa.

Lots of nakedness there (inland especially).

Stormy, clearly not wanting to be left out of the parade of twattery, weighed in with this

Ah, Africa. Overpopulation because they breed like rabbits, and AIDS is rampant. Could those factors be related to this issue? Perhaps… 

Crikey. Is Stormy saying that increased population and incidence of AIDS is due to those African women driving their men mad by showing too much skin? It seems that way, and that’s why Stormbringer and Rhomphaia will always be the most ridiculously stupid fundies online.

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