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More Homophobia from Stormbringer and Rhomphaia

The levels of hatred aimed at…well, anyone who isn’t Stormbringer or Rhomphaia to be honest, but homosexuals in particular over at the Queen Queequeg blog continues to reach new heights of vileness.

It makes me sad to think of these two holy rollers, so desperately full of hate and anger for other human beings, being allowed to spread their message to Rhomphaia’s children (poor kids, suffering being homeschooled by a maniac who makes the ‘God Warrior’ woman from Wife Swap seem reasonable by comparison)

Here’s a choice – you can watch the following video, or you can go and read the sickening homophobia over on Rhomphaia’s blog…but I’d better warn you, the blog is home to some pretty nasty hate speech. Anyway, here’s the insanity of Christianity made flesh on Trading Spouses….

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One thought on “More Homophobia from Stormbringer and Rhomphaia

  1.      "I'm tired of being the nice person."     Hmmm. They must have edited that part out, because I sure didn't see it. I saw her pushing her beliefs on everyone and closing up anytime anyone tried to share something different.     I tried to comment earlier but blogger just wouldn't give me a comment box.

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