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Inflated Sense of Own Importance

“Besides, debating me would look better on their CV than on mine, and I have no interest in assisting AE in their shameless efforts at self promotion.”

That’s Stormbringer, everyone’s favourite homophobe and Right Wing nutjob Creationist, boasting in the comments on He’s talking about his excuses for not calling the Atheist Experience, something I challenged him to do after I called Matt Slick, twice.

Yes, you have read it right, he appears to think that he’s such a high profile believer that he’d be a major coup for Atheist Experience to have on their show, either that or he’s so lacking in confidence in his beliefs that he thinks they would wipe the floor with him in a defeat that would be spoken about for centuries to come.

In the same comments he again suggests I ring some of other fundies that he looks up to, sure Stormy, I’ll call them….just as soon as you’ve called the Atheist Experience twice, speaking each time for at least 40 minutes.

Over to you.


There’s a third option, perhaps he thinks that speaking to Atheist Experience will immediately destroy his belief, and they’ll put him on their CV as a theist who called in and deconverted….

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One thought on “Inflated Sense of Own Importance

  1.      Personally, I think he is using the same excuse used by others and for the same reason. Anyone who is afraid of "giving dignity" to a differing position is shielding a belief from truth. Of course, with the likes of Norman, we expect this. He doesn't allow any dissent.

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