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Does the Christian God Deserve Praise?

Dear theists,

What, exactly, makes your god praise worthy? Certainly not your belief that it created everything – if I built a computer that became sentient I wouldn’t then demand it worship me out of gratitude! In fact you and I have both probably created life, our children – do we demand they constantly thank us for that? Of course we don’t. The relationship between your god and his supposed creation is presented as that of a parent and child, but if you met a fellow parent that insisted that their kids worship them you’d think it pretty fucked up.

So not his ability to create then.

What about his power, is it a ‘might is right’ situation? From the perspective of a single cell organism human beings would appear to be godlike – we’re immensely more complex, aware of a vastly greater reality, can create and destroy the single celled being on a whim, can favour or annihilate whole communities with minimum cost in time or energy to ourselves. We are as godlike to the single celled organism as it’s possible to be, should those cells then worship us? Should we expect, no demand, worship from them? No, we shouldn’t.

I’ve heard some believers say that a perfect being (such as a god) should expect praise as an intrinsic part of its perfection, that it would realise that it deserved praise, and would see a lack of praise as being failure to recognise its perfection. Total garbage of course, as the theist can’t even supply evidence that gods exist at all, let alone that they’re ‘perfect’ (whatever that even means)

YHWH demands praise but, when you really think, doesn’t deserve it.

So why worship this invisible, absent, uninvolved, disinterested being? Why worship something that refuses to even show it exists, and (if it does) has gone out of its way to supply masses of evidence that indicates the contrary?

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