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Some Nasty Homophobia

I don’t waste my time reading the blog of Christian fundamentalist and home schooler Rhomphaia much these days, the ‘aww shucks’ stupidity she displays in every single fucking post puts me off. Having said that, for some reason I ended up going and having a look a couple of days ago, and found that she’s currently indulging in some full-on homophobia, rejoicing in the possibility of a southern state banning education about homosexuality, and even managing to slip a bit of a dig in towards the tail end of a piece about a man recovering from HIV.

Rhomphaia is no stranger to homophobia, as a search for the phrase ‘homosexual’ on her blog shows, but if you call her a homophobe she becomes all huffy and claims you’re insulting her, then she deletes the comments that criticise her.

Well, she can’t delete ANYTHING here, so I’ll say it clearly – Rhomphaia, ‘writer’ of Queen Queequeg, is a homophobe….and a nasty one at that.

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