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More on the Rapture that Wasn’t

 A couple of other bloggers I read have posted their thoughts about Camping and his failed Rapture prophesy….

Renee Hendricks has a nicely-to-the-point piece over at Belief Blower

What should happen is all that money that has been donated and funneled into his “ministries” reverted back. Not to the adult imbeciles who jumped on the rapture bandwagon but to the children who have nothing now. Every last cent of Mr. Camping’s donations should go to rebuilding those children’s lives.

…whilst Rosa Rubicondior goes with an article looking at what these Rapture hopefuls actually believe – 

They believe they alone are good enough to occupy an exalted place alongside their god whom they believe is creator and ruler of the entire Universe.  No one else is, or has ever been, that special. 

I’m sure there will be dozens and dozens of similar posts all across the atheist-blogosphere in the coming days.

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