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Had a Busy Week

Sorry about the lack of updates this week, I’ve been using my holiday to do some painting.

So, is everyone ready for The Rapture tomorrow? Harold Camping must be shaking with excitement!

But what’s going to happen when Jesus doesn’t show? A lot of people have sold all their belongings, given up jobs, and are now counting the seconds until the glorious return of their saviour….I can’t see Camping lasting long after tomorrow, the shock and disappointment is going to be something even the hardiest of us would find difficult to cope with, and I do wonder whether the Christian love of his followers will run out when it comes to suing him for loss of property and earnings. My only hope for him is that any court case brought against him is thrown out on grounds of stupidity – basically people have got what they deserved.

Will it make more atheists? Who knows – this kind of thing can really shake the faith of those who are already wavering (though I’m not sure any of Camping’s followers can be anything less than 100% certainty loons). I think it’ll have a negative effect on those weird little cult-like sects of Christianity, though knowing believers, it’ll probably just reinforce their faith.

We’ll know tomorrow.

Read more on Camping here.

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