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Apparently I’m ‘Sexist’

Yes it’s true, well, it’s true if you believe twitter user MarieTherese39 anyway. I hadn’t a clue this person existed until Saturday night when, during the Eurovision Song Contest, I got a message telling me to keep my ‘sexist’ comments to myself.

Honestly mystified as to what she was going on about I asked her….she didn’t reply directly to me but engaged in a bit more bashing of me via her Twitter feed. Eventually it turned out that my alleged crime was tweeting that one of the songs on Eurovision, sung by 4 women who looked like they’d stepped out of a ‘Here come the girls’ Boots ad, reminded me a bit of a hen night.

Yup. That was the WHOLE thing.

But Marie hadn’t stopped, oh no! Last night, whilst watching the end of the live Lady Gaga show on BBC3, I commented that one of her songs sounded a bit like the music in some tampon adverts…..apparently this was enough to set Marie off again. Here’s a few of her tweets –

Basically I blocked her and told her I thought she was mad. Now, I have to clarify something here, I wasn’t saying she was insane because of her gender, I was saying she was insane because of her seeing attacks on women where no attacks existed. Of course, she’s probably not insane, and it was a burst of exaggeration from me dubbing her such, but I did get a little bit annoyed being accused of something like that.
I’ve never been sexist in my entire life, and I find it offensive that someone feels they have the right to repeat these distortions of the truth. Marie, if you’re reading this, I’m not remotely sexist, and I’m sorry that you seem to see sexism everywhere you look.

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