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The Audio of My Call to Matt Slick

Here it is. Slick by alexatheist

I talk at a right pace throughout, and repeatedly Matt does his typical ‘attempt to put words into your mouth’ thing, and towards the end I got a bit frustrated with his repeated appeals to the Bible as evidence. My wife has also pointed out that Matt has obviously got a lot of his ‘facts’ learned by rote, whilst I’m clearly thinking on my feet as the discussion goes on.

However, his definition of evolution (at 25:40 on my edited-to-remove-the-first-caller recording) is absolutely wrong – either he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he’s knowingly being dishonest to mislead his listeners. This is what he says –

“Microevolution’s a reduction of the gene pool and allele frequency that goes on through natural selection and predation” 

Wikipedia defines microevolution like this –

“Microevolution is the occurrence of small-scale changes in allele frequencies in a population, over a few generations, also known as “change below the species level”. These changes are due to four different processes: mutation, selection (natural and artificial), gene flow and genetic drift.” (source, with lots of other pages defining microevolution)

Matt has clearly altered his definition to remove ‘small scale changes’ and add in ‘reduction’.  Perhaps he’s been confused by the fact that the study of microevolution is reductionist, breaking complex things down to smaller parts, perhaps he thinks ‘reductionist’ means that the gene pool and allele frequency is ‘reduced’?

Whatever, his definition is flat out wrong.

Despite my obvious frustration with Matt being very evident towards the end, I was glad to hear that I never once, despite what some theists are claiming, threatened to sue him, and I didn’t proclaim that ‘victory is mine’ in any way at all. I DID say that I was expecting more of a challenge, and I was.

Anyway, I did it, I called up someone Stormbringer thought I’d never call. Now let’s see if HE can rise to the challenge of calling the Atheist Experience.

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27 thoughts on “The Audio of My Call to Matt Slick

  1. Now, sir, go and put your feet up. You have done well. 🙂

  2. Just mentioned this on our podcast 🙂

  3. Which podcast?

  4. Conversation not going your way? Blurt out "So why do you hate God?"

  5. The PCM crowd seem to think this was a humiliating defeat for me….

  6. They would say that even if they didn't listen to the audio… and they might not have.

  7. Matt Slick sounds like a baby on the verge of tears at certain points in this.Can't believe I listened to the whole thing.Slick is really childish with God-hater nonsense.This is a little unfair but coming from another country, I associate Slick's accent with used-car salesmen and other 'dodgy' characters.A few times I almost felt sorry for Slick. But then he continued to arrogantly lie about your own motivations. So forget him.

  8. The Skepticule Extra podcast episode 4. We'll add a link here to the show notes once it's available for broadcast (should be the end of the week. news from the Inclement One ?

  9. Fabulous, I shall look forward to listening!Nothing from Stormy B, and there's been a distinct lack of crowing over at PCM since the audio became available….looks like they don't think Matt bloodied my nose as much now they've actually listened, and I notice that Trent hasn't repeated his massive lie about me threatening to sue Matt!Stormy, I'm sure you're reading this, when are you going to call The Atheist Experience?

  10. Hello is all right. Only other rabid haters of God would think that you were such the brave and wise man. In reality you humiliated yourself and embarrassed thinking atheists. Slick had you by the balls and you know it.

  11. "Slick had you by the balls and you know it. "When? Was it when he was claiming atheism causes brain damage? Or did he 'nail me' when he kept lying and saying I 'hate god'? Perhaps he had me by the balls when he showed his lack of understanding of evolution? I know, it was when he accidentally stated that his god had deliberately put lies in the Bible! Was that it? Slick was pathetic.

  12. Only other rabid haters of God would think that you were…Hi Matt. You didn't do too well, did you?

  13. How about when Slick said Luke wrote the Gospel of Luke and you explain why that wasn't so and Slick realises you know more than him and quickly changes the subject?

  14. Yeah, you might be onto something there…that's almost certainly where Matt 'had [me] by the balls'!

  15. Hi Alex – mentioned you right at the end and the link is in the show notes.

  16. Hi Alex,After doing the shownotes for Skepticule Extra I followed the link to here and listened to the audio of your call to Matt Slick. I don't think I could have remained as calm as you did in the face of his disingenuous accusations that "you're a god-hater because it says so in the Bible".The tenor of the discussion was set right at the beginning with him claiming that you believe there's no God. This gets to the heart of the matter. I'm in a similar position, in that I don't believe in God because the evidence for his existence is insufficiently convincing. Matt would no doubt interpret this as "belief" that there's no God, but that's not necessarily what it is. "Belief" in something is only necessary when the evidence for its existence is insufficient. If the evidence either way is inconclusive the correct position (if we're discussing the existence of God) is agnosticism.Most atheists, myself included, are agnostic in as much as we can't say — finally and conclusively and without any shadow of the tiniest doubt — that there's definitely no such person as God. But the evidence (or lack of it) would suggest that the probability of the existence of God is vanishingly small. On that basis, therefore, we live our lives on the justifiable assumption that God doesn't exist.Perhaps the terms "belief", "trust" and "faith" should all be defined in an agreed manner before these discussions take place. (Also the meanings of "God" and "exist" would be useful.)"Belief" in gravity, for instance, isn't necessary because we can see and feel its effects, and even do calculations to predict those effects. We might not know exactly how gravity works at a fundamental level, but we nevertheless make justifiable assumptions about it based on our previous observations.The stuff about being a "god-hater" is of course nonsense.(BTW there's a link to the Matt Slick/Matt Dillahunty exchange on my blog — scroll down to the YouTube clip).

  17. This post has been removed by the author.

  18. Paul B – thanks for the mention! After the bashing I've received from the theists who seem to think Slick strode to a great victory, it's reassuring to know that my interpretation (that he wasn't that good, and made a couple of absolute howlers) isn't too far off the mark.Paul J – ""Belief" in gravity, for instance, isn't necessary because we can see and feel its effects, and even do calculations to predict those effects. We might not know exactly how gravity works at a fundamental level, but we nevertheless make justifiable assumptions about it based on our previous observations."Absolutely – I don't 'believe' on gravity, or the sky, or the cold beer I'm holding, or the shoes I'm wearing, purely because I KNOW they exist. If Matt truly knew his god existed he wouldn't have to believe in him at all.I agree that the logical position is to be agnostic, but I personally feel that a god has to be supernatural to BE a god – and nothing can be supernatural….that's why I define myself as a 'confident atheist'.Matt Slick though…the guy is slippery and dishonest, and his 'you hate god' stupidity is just designed to shore up his position by immediately attacking the non-believer with something so moronic it's hard to know even where to begin in countering it.

  19. Just took him on again, I think I did a lot better this time.

  20. I spoke to Slick concerning sex education, contraception and abortion. His arguments weren't very good and his views on women seem to come from the Victorian era. My argument was that good sex education and access to contraceptives would reduces teen pregnancies and abortions. Slick said that this would just encourage sex, and I said teens will have sex regardless, and it is better to be safe sex than unsafe sex.

  21. I dont think you did well at all Alex. All you do is twist terms and jump all around the place. You sit there and laugh and act like a snoot and if anybody sounds nervous its you. You are full of too much pride and arrogance in your words. You make a lot of false assumptions about the bible and know nothing about Christianity.

  22. I didn't claim I did, but I DID hold my own against him, and cause him to walk into some pretty big howlers.As for not knowing anything about Christianity…I guess nothing I was brought up with for 20 years sunk in.Nice try though.

  23. For some reason you sound exactly like C-3PO from Star Wars. Is Alex really Anthony Daniels?

  24. Ad homs now? Really? Is this the best a worshipper of Matt Slick can come up with?Very boring.

  25. I think Matthew doth protest too much and he'd better not listen to the Skepticule podcast – three more Englishmen there. 🙂

  26. Just listened to all 3.FWIW I thought Alex turned in a similar performance each of the 3 times. Obviously I disagree strongly with Alex's position but thought he turned in a pretty strong showing each time, though handicapped by his irrational worldview.Slick earned the following grades from me:Call 1 – extremely poorCall 2 – mediocreCall 3 – mehThanks for calling him. It made for what is IMHO very interesting radio.

  27. I'm glad you appreciated it. I hope when we speak you'll realise that, though I'm rather blunt online, I'm actually an 'alright' person in real life.

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