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Why Do Americans Still Dislike Atheists – from the Washington Post

Long after blacks and Jews have made great strides, and even as homosexuals gain respect, acceptance and new rights, there is still a group that lots of Americans just don’t like much: atheists. Those who don’t believe in God are widely considered to be immoral, wicked and angry. They can’t join the Boy Scouts. Atheist soldiers are rated potentially deficient when they do not score as sufficiently “spiritual” in military psychological evaluations. Surveys find that most Americans refuse or are reluctant to marry or vote for nontheists; in other words, nonbelievers are one minority still commonly denied in practical terms the right to assume office despite the constitutional ban on religious tests. 

Far from taking over, as some believing lunatics claim, atheists are widely vilified in the US. Read the rest of the article here.

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4 thoughts on “Why Do Americans Still Dislike Atheists – from the Washington Post

  1. Yep, atheists are angry at God…I've heard that so many times. On the other hand, archeology over the past 100 years has shown that Nazareth was not inhabited at the time of Jesus. The kicker is, neither was Bethlehem in Judea. Wow and surprise! The gospel writers were liars. Okay, I'm an angry, immoral atheist but the Christians are self-deluded, lying, immoral idiots – so there!

  2. Matt Slick kept telling me that I 'hate god' when I called him, I had to tell him over and over again that I couldn't hate something that didn't exist.Jericho was probably not inhabited at the time the Exodus was supposed to have happened, and never had walls.

  3. "Okay, I'm an angry, immoral atheist…"Sometimes you should be angry!

  4. Perhaps I should be angry but instead I'm usually just disgusted.

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