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The Continuing Panic of Chris Taylor, Conroe Texas’ Thickest Man

Desperately trying to reverse the search engine results for ‘Chris Taylor Conroe Texas’, the hapless Chris has farted out another post on his hilariously pathetic blog.

In a move that’s no more than a gnat trying to piss out a forest fire, he’s posted a list of the things he wants to force on students….

What Are My Beliefs That I Would Shove Down Children’s Throat
1. Capitalism is the best economic system. It rewards hard work. It allows investors to reap rewards. It allows people to make money by providing services that people want to have. Anybody could be successful when the laws are enforced within Capitalism.
2. All people should be treated fairly regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual persuasion, or disability. People have the right to be treated fairly. Does that mean people get their way all of the time? No! But all people are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Everyone has the right to be free of harassment.
3. Living in the United States,everyone should know about the three pillars of the American Dream. One, nature has resources that can be used for human consumption, and industry and progress come from the use of the natural resources. Two, individuals can achieve anything if individuals work for it, rugged individualism. Lastly, Americans are optimistic that ever-expanding opportunity and ever-expanding opportunity exist for human beings and Americans especially.
4. Americans have saved the world from total corruption. Americans stood up to Communism and evil dicators.
5. Profits are good and necessary for a good economy.
6. Don’t blame others for your actions.
7. Treat everyone with respect and everyone should get respect. Each human is an individual.
8. Communism is not desirable and it is corrupt. It should never be applied. Communism allows the intelligentsia to control people. Capitalism is better.
9. Read every type of genre. Fiction alone will not make a human being intelligent, because it takes all genres to make a person complete.
10. Everyone can learn basic skills of reading, writing, and Algebra II.
11. Don’t take material possessions so seriously. Take time to smell the roses.

The idiot thinks these make him look good, even noble, when all they do is make him look stupid and poorly educated.

The oddest thing he’s doing is insisting on writing his blog in the third person, though he does occasionally slip and forget (see his bio). I suppose he thinks it gives the appearance of many people supporting him, despite ‘Mr Taylor’ being so transparently the man he claims to be writing about.

His stupidity being concentrated into longer blog posts only makes things worse for him, any prospective employer googling him will find just how unsuitable he is for a teaching role within moments of hitting ‘search’.

But, as I’ve said before, he can fix things by coming clean. All he has to do is admit that the bz1461 and wasp1461 twitter accounts are his, stop posting racist lunacy, and then I’ll stop posting about him. The power to stop blog posts showing how stupid his is rests entirely in his hands.

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4 thoughts on “The Continuing Panic of Chris Taylor, Conroe Texas’ Thickest Man

  1. Chris is not the author of either "wasp" or "BZ." This is an example of what kind of luntic Alex Botten is as far as a person. He is a Atheist's nut. For prove of his hatred, just look at this blog. Wow! What a bunch of horse crap. Indeed. If you think like Alex, then maybe you are nuts just like he is right now. What a shame! Go sing to your Atheists followers.

  2. "Chris is not the author of either "wasp" or "BZ.""Yes you are Chris.

  3. The new blog site for the truth about Chris Taylor is located on

  4. Chris, you IDIOT, you've used the 1461 suffix AGAIN!! How much of a simpleton are you??

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