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More Joe Cienkowski

I’ve been wandering around the Merry Hill shopping centre just down the road this afternoon, and was idly musing on Joe Cienkowski and his seemingly absolute conviction that he’s right, and that he alone understands evolution.

His basic ideas are all, without exception, stolen from inspired by identical to those of Ken Ham and Kent Hovind. For some reason though, he seems to think that where they have failed to sway wider opinion, he will succeed.

I’m not so sure. Are there really masses of people out there thinking ‘I like the message of Creationism that Ham and Hovind spread, but I feel it lacks a certain white trash gravitas. I’d believe if its spokesman were a barely literate slope shouldered retard living in a trailer in Bumfuckville, Idaho Illinois!’?

If there are, then Joe’s coming to disprove Evolution for them. I hope he’ll enjoy the Nobel Prize.

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One thought on “More Joe Cienkowski

  1. that's Bumfuck Illinois darling 😉

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