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The Wisdom of Chris Taylor

Some quick ‘gems’ from Chris Taylor, of Conroe Texas, wannabe teacher and outright lunatic

Watch out America! That Brazilian/Chinese conspiracy is out to get you!

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2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Chris Taylor

  1. This is another example, the example from this posting, that shows Alex Botten is a flake. Just read his blog. I hope my relative is not harmed in this bull corn. The above writing samples are not the writings of Chris Taylor. Chris's account with twiiter was cltaylor463 and he does not write any more. This is some other person. By the way, most of these comments are correct. Only one comment is bad by that author. I am sure the Rev. Wright has loved ones who love him. Brazil and China are contracting with each other so that Brazil sells its oil to China instead of the US. The rest of statements are somone's ideas that seem pretty good to me. Leave him alone. Your foolishness is not funny.

  2. "The above writing samples are not the writings of Chris Taylor"Yes it is, and lying about it doesn't alter that fact.

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