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I’ve been waiting for Matt Slick’s website to post the audio from last Friday because, amongst other things, I want to check out I heard something correctly.

About 10 minutes before we finished talking Matt gave a definition of micro-evolution that I’m fairly certain was incorrect, he said something like this –

“Microevolution is the reduction in allele frequencies in a population, over a few generations,”

I’m not sure of the exact wording, but I will be soon. If I heard him say what I think I heard, then his definition is incorrect, and he’s added in the word ‘reduction’ where it should say something like ‘the accumulation of small changes in allele frequencies’

I’ll post more about this when I get to hear the recording.

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2 thoughts on “Microevolution

  1. Microevolution, where Alex Rotten's brain came from. Blind chance and natural selection is true. Hallelujah! I believe in Evolutionism!

  2. Atheist Experience…. Called them yet? No? Are you a full of shit coward? Maybe you could try your techniques on them, insist they're making logical fallacies then fail to provide a single example of one, like the impotent little sad sack you are!

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