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Have Len, Fortigurn, and the other ULTRA!Christadelphians run away?

It would seem so.

Having made a whopper of a mistake about speciation, Jon/Fortigurn then insisted that his interpretation of events in the US, seen from his vantage point on the other side of the world, was more valid than that of actual Americans, living in America, then he claimed that the Bible doesn’t attack homosexuals, wrongly.

What of Len? Well, Len vanished when I stopped anonymous posters from commenting….whilst others found it an easy job to get an OpenID, Len disappeared. Oh well.

I wonder if they’ll return?

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10 thoughts on “Have Len, Fortigurn, and the other ULTRA!Christadelphians run away?

  1. If they do return they need to get their story straight where they will not speak with two tongues.Actually, the whole Christadelphian bunch need to quit printing pamphlets when other Christadelphians don't agree with what's printed.Would the "real" Christadelphians please stand up? Is it the "real" Christadelphians who have accepted evolution or are they the ones who have rejected evolution? Why do the "Ultra" Christadelphians still call themselves Christadelphians? John Thomas, Robert Roberts and Thomas Williams used to say that heathens, idiots and very young children couldn't be saved but now the Ultra Christadelphians have dropped original sin like a hot potato. I say that they are no longer Christadelphians and should change their handle to…I don't know…atheists? Agnostics?

  2. I've no idea why (or even what) Ken, Len, and Jon believe, as they've never once given a straight answer despite being asked over and over again.I think it's interesting that they all vanished when the tide turned hard against them. Their initial first days posting a blizzard of shit completely wrong footed me, but once the atheists posting here figured out just what the fuck they were talking about I think things turned around, and we saw them disagreeing with each other, and making huge mistakes in their reasoning. Fortigurn never did address his whopper about speciation, did he?

  3. That's the way it is with people who desire to be leaders of other people. They come at you with their academic, peer reviewed, scholastic hermeneutics like it really means something. The "peers" are religious quack-quacks just like they are. Don't worry though, they are very selective in what scholastic material they accept – the material that agrees with them, of course.They know, or at least assume, that other people are not into religious academe or even know what it is. They are fond of quoting the early church "fathers" (makes 'em look smart) when they don't even agree with what the early church fathers said – except by cherry picking selective quotes that agree with their own delusions.They are the new (gnu) Christadelphians and would have been tossed out on their collective asses back in my days as a Christadelphian.

  4. I'm guessing the way Fortigurn 'debates' might impress gullible young Christadelphians on closed messageboards, but it sure didn't fly when he was faced with people who saw through him. These ULTRA!/Gnu Christadelphians are the result of what happens when reason meets fantasy and BOTH have to be believed. It must be unbearable being them.

  5. I wonder what the Gnu CDs think about the fact of archeology showing that Nazareth was uninhabited at the time of Jesus? That there was never a synagogue there? That Bethlehem of Judea was also not inhabited at the time of Jesus?Yet they say that archeology proves the bible. Ha! Maybe it did when all the archeology in the "holy" land was done by Jehovah's Witnesses etc. but not since then.

  6. Some of the faithful stop taking any notice of developments in archaeology after the 70s, and just go on quoting the same old discredited garbage

  7. From what I've read on the archeology in Israel, I can see why the faithful have quit taking notice of developments in archeology.Instead, they call the actual, real archeologists the "fringe" and the 7th Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses the academe "mainstream" archeologists. Idiots.

  8. Yeah, it seems to be anything that contradicts their worldview is 'fringe', whilst the old farts desperately holding onto their discredited 'discoveries' are the 'mainstream' – this is true in all areas, not just archaeology. I've seen it a lot, people still cite Ron Wyatt for heaven's sake! I actually wrote an article listing all the Creationist hoaxes over the years –'s funny, they keep claiming that the pro-evolution fact-accepters make stuff up, when the truth is that they're very much far more guilty of falsehood.

  9. Are you talking about the same Fortigurn from here: ?

  10. Massive self-righteousness – check, copious footnotes in a messageboard reply – check, almost hyper-deluded – check, only stopping when he can't answer a question – check.Yeah, it's the same guy. He made a right tit of himself here, getting stuff massively wrong about evolution, and then ran away.

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