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C L Taylor Watch: Chris learns a new word

And that word is ‘sophomoric’.

Not only has he learned this new word, but he’s used it in two different places….

 ….that’s from his Wasp1461 account, you know, the one he denies is his. 

….and that is from (drumroll please) his NEW BLOG!!

BRILLIANT!! He’s got a blog! I only know this because (d’oh!) Chris posted about it in a comment on here!! I told you it was brilliant!

Point your browser at, and you can see just how rattled this racist misogynist is. The blog is comedy gold, full of Chris-facts designed to draw attention away from my recordings of his viler/more insane outbursts… this one.

Every time I feel a little bit sorry for this hapless idiot, I remember that this is the man who said he would abuse any teaching position he got to force his religion on his students, has made violent sexual swear words his stock in trade on his Wasp1461 account, has likened Michelle Obama to a gorilla, and has generally been a horrible human being every time he’s posted on the internet.

But perhaps he’s changed? Perhaps he’s decided to stop being an embarrassment to other believers? Let’s look at his twitter feed today…..

…nope, just as twattish as ever.

Chris Taylor, of Conroe Texas, if you keep posting vile horseshit via your wasp1461 account, I’ll keep reporting on it.

But, I WILL do you a deal…..if you admit that bz1461 and wasp1461 are both you, and then promise to stop tweeting racist insanity, then I will stop posting about you…..if you’re lucky my blog will, after time, stop being the top hit when anyone googles your name.

What do you say? Come clean, stop posting hatred, and be able to get on with your life? Or endless posts about what a nutcase you are. The choice is yours.

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