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Using Absense as Evidence

During this Easter weekend I’ve seen more than one faith head propose the supposed empty tomb of Jesus as evidence for his resurrection, sometimes even claiming that this absence is troubling to even the harshest non-believer. Take this quote from a certain fundie

The shock waves created by the discovery of an empty tomb two thousand years ago continue to perplex even the harshest skeptic. Where did the body go? What about the eyewitnesses, the hundreds who saw the risen Christ? 

‘Perplex even the harshest skeptic?’ Hardly! There are empty tombs all over the world, and they don’t provide evidence that Jesus was in them just by existing!

I could go into the various reasons why the story of the empty tomb holds no water, but someone else already has, and I’d recommend reading that instead. No, my main issue here is the argument FOR something by pointing out the ABSENCE of it.

‘There’s an empty tomb!’ shout the faithful (failing to mention that there are many empty tombs, and they are mostly empty because they’ve been grave robbed over the centuries), ‘this means that Jesus isn’t in one, SO HE’S RISEN!!!!’. Obviously bollocks to anyone with half a brain, this doesn’t stop the religious loons from gibbering out their nonsense over and over again.

Look, Freddy Faith, something not being here now doesn’t mean that it was at some point in the past. If it did I could argue that Harry Potter exists, after all I can’t see him anywhere in my living room right now, and a full check of the house likewise fails to show any sign of his presence…..this can only mean one thing – HARRY POTTER HAS LEFT MY HOUSE!!! Therefore I have evidence that Harry Potter exists, evidence that perplexes even the harshest ‘skeptic’. 

Of course I don’t, it’s utter fantasy, just like the story of Jesus’ resurrection.

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7 thoughts on “Using Absense as Evidence

  1. I see that you linked to me as "a certain fundie" (whatever that stereotype ad hominem means to each reader, I can only guess). If you had bothered to click the link, you would find out that I was not the one who composed that phrase you quoted. D'oh!Matt Slick is right, atheism stupidifies. And I am also right, blind hate makes people stupid as well. Right, rocket surgeon?

  2. "If you had bothered to click the link, you would find out that I was not the one who composed that phrase you quoted."Perhaps if you are going to quote people you should use quotation marks or at least put the quote in italics. If you don't it seems like you are attributing the quote to yourself which seems like plagiarism.

  3. Norman:     If you want to get technical, the link only identifies where he found the quote. You do tend to be a bit lax in attributions. (I don't think you've ever attributed that comic you like about "wrong on the internet." Afraid of what else people might find? Or do you just not know where it came from? My blog can help you out on that one.) Whether he took it as a quote or as you claiming to be the composer, "a certain fundie" still applies, as I highly doubt you would read anything not written by a fundamentalist in a positive light.

  4. I went back and looked – nowhere do you state that this is a quote

  5. This quote is indented with the 'blockquote' attribute. You are hasty and sloppy in your accusations. The rest of your material leads me to believe that you are disingenuous.

  6. Put quotes around your quotes and attribute your quotes. Stormbringer didn't do this.

  7. Stormbringer has form in not correctly formatting or attributing material he uses. Perhaps he can discuss it when he calls the Atheist Experience?

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