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More Observations on Matt Slick

I’m still waiting for Matt Slick’s site (not going to name it, they don’t deserve the publicity) to make the audio of our encounter on Friday available. I’m wanting to have a listen because I remember thinking that something he said wasn’t right…When he was defining evolution (which he insisted could be distinctly seen as micro and macro, as if they are any different at all) he used a definition that I had a feeling wasn’t correct, claiming that it involved the ‘reduction’ of information….

I can’t recall exactly what he said, which is why I want to listen again, but I have a feeling that his definition was wrong. I didn’t challenge him about it on the show because the whole thing was whipping along at a right pace and I didn’t have time to check things online as we were arguing, but I’m fairly convinced that his definition was one that he’d made up.

His other trick throughout the call was to repeatedly ask me why I hated his god, this changed to repeatedly stating outright that I hated his god when I wouldn’t bite. I explained over and over that I didn’t hate his god, as it’s impossible to hate something that doesn’t exist. I also explained that accepting that something doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you hate that thing. Santa Claus doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean I automatically hate him.

Likewise, he repeatedly stated that atheism was a form of belief, ignoring my explanations that it was no more a belief than not collecting stamps is a hobby, or bald a hair colour.

The most interesting part for me was when Matt cut me off mid-sentence so he could spin out some bullshit to his listeners. He’d claimed, as one of his evidences that evolution doesn’t happen, that there wasn’t enough time for the diversity of life that we see around us to emerge – I countered by asking him how, if we’re all descended from Noah and his family less than 5000 years ago, there is significant racial diversity. It was then that he cut me off, and told his listeners that there was plenty of time for distinct racial characteristics to appear.

So which was it? According to Matt four billion years isn’t long enough for evolution to work, yet 5000 years is! Matt claimed that Noah and his family carried all the necessary genes for racial diversity to emerge very quickly, I did ask him for evidence of this, but there was none forthcoming. The nearest he came was relating the story of a white friend he had a college who had come from a black family – there are two things that may have happened here, either there was a white ancestor at some point in the past, and the gene skipped some generations, or the guy’s mother got pregnant by a white man and just lied about it to cover some infidelity. The story provided no evidence at all to back up his claim.

Talking to Matt is an interesting experience. He’s obviously very good at what he does, as he should be after doing it for so long, but one can’t help shake the feeling that something about what he’s saying doesn’t make sense…..he words things convincingly and states them with confidence, but you can’t escape the nagging voice in the back of your head saying ‘this is bollocks’.

A good example is his Transcendental argument for the existence of a deity. It’s so labyrinthine in it’s complexity that it’s hard to understand what the hell it’s trying to say, but the logic at the core of it is completely flawed. Some people have dived right in and torn it apart from the inside, here and here and in this video.

I gibbered on at great speed when speaking to Matt, and as my thought processes are rather lateral I hopped from subject to subject very quickly (trust me, they all link to each other when you trace my argument back), and I’m (again) not claiming to have scored any points against him, but I did see at first hand the dishonesty this charlatan is capable of. Also, despite what a certain theist is claiming, I never once mentioned suing anyone….seriously, what kind of prick would do that?

As I said before, I’ll post the audio when it’s available

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11 thoughts on “More Observations on Matt Slick

  1. The key lesson"he who controls the medium controls the message"did you not record the call yourself ? I think 'Pamela' records Skype.

  2. I had the software set up on my netbook, but for some reason I wasn't able to call via it, so I had to swap at the last moment to calling via my MacBook…so I'm left waiting for the recording to be put up on his site.

  3. It takes a week or so after the broadcast. Sorry I missed it, I understand that you were hilarious in your lack of reasoning ability, followed by your bluster about victory. One call, one time, and you're an expert on Matt Slick, just like you're an expert on everything else.(Insert Russian accent) Please to be giving me large break.

  4. Stormy, I think you should maybe wait until you hear it. Despite what some are claiming, I never once threatened to 'sue' anyone, I DID point out that repeating a lie about someone could be considered as slanderous, but that was in response to Matt's constant repeating of the phrase 'You hate god', which isn't true, I don't BELIEVE in god – a difference.Nor did I make any comments about victory, blustering or otherwise. Listen to the call, then perhaps you'll have a clue what you're talking about. Until then you're just making shit up.

  5. So, when are YOU going to grow a pair and call the Atheist Experience? Maybe you could discuss your theory that atheism causes brain damage?

  6. I called Matt before his show tonight. He remembered what a goofball you are, and hopes you'll call again as an example of what atheism does to people.

  7. Stormbringer, what's your excuse for not ringing the Atheist Experience?

  8. Stormbringer, you and Matt believe Noah's ark existed, you'll excuse me if I dont take your opinion seriously.When are you going to call the Atheist Experience?

  9. You made the ridiculous demand that SB call Atheist Experience over at PCM. It was explained to you why your demand is irrelevant. A comment at PCM shows that someone thinks that you made a fool of yourself. I agree because you fired off a blizzard of bullcrap. You persist in absurdity so if you call again it should prove quite entertaining.

  10. Hazmat, your ability to correctly identify 'a blizzard of bullcrap' is failing you, as your beliefs are nothing more than wishful thinking and delusion.

  11. As for Stormbringer not calling the Atheist Experience, I think it's because he knows he'd be torn to shreds by them. He can barely hold his own on his own blog, and falls apart completely when out in public. The man's a pathetic coward.

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