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Some More Thoughts on Last Night’s Call to Matt Slick

 I’ve still to fully process my thoughts from last night, and I’m waiting to hear the broadcast so I can fully assess my performance, but here are my initial feelings

I’m not claiming some great victory at all, but consider the following –

*I spoke to him for 45 minutes without conceding that he was correct on a single point
*I refused to allow him to put words into my mouth
*I got him to (accidentally) claim that his god had deliberately put lies in the Bible to trick people, which he then backpeddled furiously from
*I refused to be drawn into a discussion of TAG
*I clarified for myself that he is a YEC’er who doesn’t understand evolution at all

Faithheads can crow all they like, but the fact remains that I did something that most of them lack the courage to do – I called up one of their own, live, on the radio, and took him on without any safety net or endless browser tabs open. Until they’ve manned up and done the same, calling up the Atheist Experience and seeing how long they can hold their ground for, they’ve nothing to crow about.

I did what they mostly dare not do.

I’ll post up the audio here just as soon as I’m able to.

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2 thoughts on “Some More Thoughts on Last Night’s Call to Matt Slick

  1. Excellent !You are the man with balls.:-)

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