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Calvinists, all twats.

Predestination? Seriously? You UTTER cunts, Calvinists.

So your ‘all loving god’ decided who he wanted to rim him for eternity in the moment of creation? And nothing anyone can do can change that, one way or the other?

There’s only one thing worse than a god who would do that, and that’s the cunt who thinks that kind of behaviour is entirely reasonable, and then judges everyone else for not agreeing with his obscene bullshit.

 Some tossers in Hell, probably Calvinists

I hope that, if by some miracle there IS a god, he decided at the dawn of time that all Calvinists were irredeemable fuckwits who he earmarked for a serious roasting in HELL. 



Mr Trent C, a regular poster over at PCM, has suggested that I should be posting on ‘skinhead’ sites for being a bit sweary about Calvinists. Trent (who hasn’t come over here to complain, preferring to stay in the safe bosom of PCM)  believes in invisible sky men.

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22 thoughts on “Calvinists, all twats.

  1. How is that simple lack of belief working out for you?Boy, Slick sure got you riled up.

  2. As I said to Matt, how's that 'not being able to prove gods exist' working out for YOU? How long's it been? A few thousand years? I'd have thought you'd have SOME evidence by now!

  3. On the chance that there is a God, your screwed, so I'd not be hoping for it.

  4. There's no such thing as gods, Bertie, so I'm not even slightly worried.

  5. There's also a chance that there is a god but it's not the god ""Berle" worships.So yeah, Pascal's wager loses yet again.

  6. Indeed, with so many thousands of them available, it's VERY likely that Bertie has picked the wrong one!

  7. Considering you stated that you hoped God exists to damn the Calvinists, and that only works with one God, i am sure you can draw the line.

  8. Why is it you keep bringing these Christian things up as if it is the first time you have ever heard of them? You can't have possibly just heard of this today?I thought you had a good understanding of Theology.

  9. I am organizing a prayer vigil to ask the lord to bless you with scientific literacy, basic logic and rhetoric textbooks and a good dictionary.Your soul is his business. BTW, I am assuming you are an Arminian Atheist?

  10. Good on you.Allah is the one true God anyway.Alex B (phuh) is an ally in the removal of the the infidel from this country.

  11. The Meister, Bertie, The Anti-Dawkins, Carmine the CARMite, and Billy The Conquerer are actually the same person.

  12. We are all irredeemable fuckwit cunts.Is that an example of secular tolerance?

  13. We are all irredeemable f*ckwit c*nts.Oddly this is close to what Calvinism teaches.You can change your profile name all you want but you are still profile number 03375411448445501826 to me, "Carmine".*Yes, I censor quotations sometimes.

  14. You censor quotes from the same page?

  15. You censor quotes from the same page?Obviously I do. At least today.Calvinism solved the "Problem of Evil" for Christians. There is evil because God willed it so. Problem solved. The Westboro Baptist Church take Calvinism to its logical conclusion.

  16. "The Meister, Bertie, The Anti-Dawkins, Carmine the CARMite, and Billy The Conquerer are actually the same person. "Indeed! It would seem that the believers are a little insecure, and feel the need for strength in numbers, even though they're entirely illusory.I was interested to read that Matt Slick (by his own admission) uses numerous sockpuppets online -"Matt also uses pseudonyms when exploring, gathering information, testing ideas, and generally does not affirm or deny who he is or isn't regarding pseudonyms on the internet." (from Stormbringer (for example) obviously worships Slick as some kind of internet messiah, I'm not surprised that he copies Slick's techniques when dealing with atheists online. Both are tremendously dishonest individuals.Matt Slick is a Calvinist, a liar, and (from what he said during my call on Friday) has absolutely no idea about how evolution works, zero interest in real evidence, as well as being deeply in love with the sound of his own voice.

  17. Oh dear, over on PCM I seem to have offended a few people with this post. Hilariously they're whining that I'm condemning people to hell.Well, you DICKS, have a look at yourselves. I don't actually believe there IS a hell for you to go to, you actively look forward to non-believers going to an eternal torment. Deal with the plank in your own eyes before you start pointing out dust in others.

  18. Typical atheist logic, you hate people so much, you use sweeping generalizations. Nice going, Numbskull. I won't name the logical fallacy because you cannot understand it, as you have clearly shown in the past.

  19.      Yes, because we all know that calling someone "numbskull" is an expression of love. Well, Norman, the only people here with plans to laugh at people's sufferring are the christians. The christians are the ones who hate.

  20. That is not what I said.I said that if this is your idea of light hearted humour, you must find skinhead sites hillarious.If you are going to insult me, at least get it right. BTW, does your edit count as slander?And I think the fact that people noted the fact that you said you wishes there was. god so the calvinists could be damned obviously points to your belief there actually is none. no one misses the point, so there is no reason to keep pretending we didn't.I simply don't care enough about your opinion to come to your site to argue. As long as you keep coming to PCM and I am still around, I'll point out where I think you are wrong. It is for other reader's benefit. It has nothing to do with caring what you think.

  21. Pam Ryan on said:

    All utter cunts. Even more obnoxious than the prosperity gospel cunts, which is saying something.

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