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Trying to Call Matt Slick

…he’s talking to some dullard at the moment.

Still trying to get through

Half an hour later….and he’s done nothing but massage the ego of himself and some other guy…
Kept on trying all the way through the show
EDIT – so apparently tonight’s show was a rerun or something? Going to try again tomorrow evening.

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16 thoughts on “Trying to Call Matt Slick

  1. You mean someone who doesn't think you are a genius?

  2. "You mean someone who doesn't think you are a genius?"What are you talking about?

  3. Maybe the folks at PCM tipped him off and he got scared.

  4. The show was incredibly boring. He was talking to some rapper who had turned to Jesus….basically he spent the entire show rimming this guy about how much like himself he was, occasionally pausing to call almost all other Christians heretics. I kept dial ALL through the show….

  5. Obviously that should read 'kept dialling', my excuse for the typo is that it's late here

  6. He was out on a family emergency. Show was a rerun. Shoulda called when u first started bragging about calling.

  7. Dude, tonight was the only night available so far this week (I have a job to get up for most mornings)I'm going to try again tomorrow evening, see if I can get through

  8. Don't bother calling Matt Slick, he's a fuck-tard.And so is anyone posting anonymously.

  9. I've emailed him, he's back on air tonight, and I'm calling in.

  10. Anonymous said"Don't bother calling Matt Slick, he's a fuck-tard.And so is anyone posting anonymously."Ha. Guess you stepped in that one!

  11. Now he know's you are coming he'll probably refuse your call.

  12. on now. He's waiting for calls.Have at it, Dude.

  13. Seriously you are pushing someone to defend the statements made by someone else?Seriously lame.

  14. Oh yeah. I bet he's crying from the beating you gave him.

  15. Doesn't matter whether I did well or not – I followed through on my claim that I'd call him, something which a lot of the posts from Stormbri……anonymous said I wouldn't do.*I've* had the courage to call someone you claim to be one of your 'best', now who of you is going to call the Atheist Experience?

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