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Joe Cienkowski, at it again

It seemed for a while, after the reconciliation with Brandy, that Joe was going to be a lot quieter on Twitter. Those who’ve had an interest in his ‘career’ even suggested that he’d maybe give up on his endless twitter bullshitting, and would make sure that his marriage didn’t fail again.

We were wrong. He’s back, and the amount of tweets is increasing each day – like his addiction to Pot, it seems that twitter exerts a pull he can’t resist.

I was especially amused by his latest twitter twattism as he seems to have failed to notice just what a fucking mess our faces are. Because of the way we’ve evolved we have (in no particular order) noses that are placed perfectly to dribble mucus into our mouths and cause us regular sinus problems; jaws that are too small for all our teeth, leading to almost universal wisdom tooth issues; eyes that have a blind spot, are upside down, back to front, and aren’t as good as those of some of the creatures that Joe believes are ours to command; one pipe to breathe and swallow with, often leading to fatal conflicts between the two; ears that go to shit if we change altitude quickly, and that can become easily blocked, and contain the only apparatus that keeps us from falling over all the time, but which is prone to infection; brains that, for no good reason at all, control the opposite side of the body to that in which they’re stored; and a neck that gathers several of the essential connection to our bodies that can break easily and fatally.

If that was designed then the designer was incompetent. And it’s not just our heads a potential creator fucked up, it’s our entire bodies, and those of many other living things. Really, it’s almost like the creator didn’t try at all.

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