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Chris Taylor of Conroe, Texas is a Racist.

Posted today from his Wasp1461 account

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8 thoughts on “Chris Taylor of Conroe, Texas is a Racist.

  1. Let me see if I understand this. You have the right to condemn his bigotry but it's okay for you to have screaming rage bigotry at every Christian on the net. Guess you're qualified in being a judge.

  2. Hating fundies isn't bigottry. It is natural selection pointing out the members of society that need to be pruned so the tree of life doesn't rot.We cannot advance as a society if we coddle the pathologically stupid.

  3. Eliminate the unfit there's a good Nazi. Hating fundies is okay just because you hate them and you say its okay. I'm sure glad egotistical retards like you aren't in power.

  4. "Eliminate the unfit there's a good Nazi. Hating fundies is okay just because you hate them and you say its okay. I'm sure glad egotistical retards like you aren't in power. "Actually, the whole point of continuing to mention Chris Taylor is to make sure any google searches for him bring up these pages. Chris is a racist and simpleton who is desperate to become a teacher, but who has admitted that he would abuse any teaching position to force his religious beliefs on his students. Obviously this is not on. Not only have I regularly posted about him, but I've also emailed all the school boards in his immediate area with warnings about his intentions, and links to his twitter pages. I don't think this is the wrong thing to do, if I go to my grave knowing that I stopped one lunatic from having access to impressionable young minds, then I'll feel I've done something useful.

  5. You have a right to be an Atheist if you want to be an Atheist. Why don't you leave other people alone on Twitter? Twitter is a place where people just write. Can everything be taken seriously? Your desire to ruin a good man is malicious. But that is not out of the ordinary for Atheist. Your actions are not in a vacuum. You need to focus on advancing your "cause," but don't let that cause be to destroy someone's career. I know Chris Taylor. He is not racist. He just writes for the sake of seeing his writing. I know he exaggerates his racial comments,but in the United States we have something called freedom of speech. It is written in our Constitution, one of the greatest documents written on earth. I digress. Just let Chris Taylor vent. Let him alone. I will tell you all that I have set up a website dedicated to saying all the good things about Chris Taylor. I will dedicate my life to make sure that he is not affected by silly writings of an Atheist who just sings. Chris Taylor is a teacher and a good man. Just leave him alone. His website is well I will publish it later on your blogs if I see more malice coming from you.

  6. You told Muslims to stick the Quran 'up [their] cunts'!! How can you pretend to be a good person?

  7. The website that shows the good Chris Taylor= cltaylor463.blogspot.comI will now post my blog about how good Chris Taylor is as far as being a man. I will update it nearly everyday. I want the whole world, with updates coming, to know how good Chris Taylor is a person. Stand by for more updates. It is Look up and see new updates.Atheists around the world you are just showing how malicious you are if you actually listen to Alex Botten. Alex change! Otherwise I am going to search your places where you sing and write to them and publish stuff about you. I am sure that you don't have the pedigree of Chris Taylor.

  8. I'm REALLY scared Chris!Why the continued speaking about yourself in the third person?

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