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Matt Slick, You Are Live On Channel 4, Please Do Not Swear

Because some people believe that some dude was nailed to a tree a couple of millennia ago, I get to sleep in on Friday. This means that I’ll not need to be in bed early the previous evening….which means only one thing….

Matt Slick, I’m coming for you.

Skype address saved? Check
Software to record the call? Check
Questions to ask Matt? Check
10 years experience of talking to strangers all day every day on the phone and never letting them take over the conversation? Check

I’m looking forward to it.

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12 thoughts on “Matt Slick, You Are Live On Channel 4, Please Do Not Swear

  1. when is stormbringer gonna ring the atheist experience?

  2. "when is stormbringer gonna ring the atheist experience?"I'm looking forward to that, I'm hoping he trots out his pet theory – that 'atheism causes brain damage'

  3. Don't bother with this shit.Slick is not honest.

  4. Now that he is taunting people on other sites saying he is going to do this because they aren't up to his standards, he's sort of committed himself to a lot of abuse if he doesn't.

  5. why would i not call him? I want him to tell me whether he agrees with stormbringer that atheism causes brain damage!

  6. I'm sure he's scouring the net right now and reading YOUR blog with joy.

  7. I'm sure he's not.Why the fear of using your real name btw?

  8. "when is stormbringer gonna ring the atheist experience?"He's started making excuses over at PCM as to why he won't call them.Now I could be reasonable and say 'Why should he have to? He's a grown adult, and shouldn't be bullied into doing anything', but as that kind of attitude is completely foreign to our angry friend I'll just sink to his level, and call him a 'fucking coward'

  9. I strongly suspect that I'll tune in tomorrow night, and you won't be there.Just a feeling.

  10. You're going to be disappointed them. I'm raring to go.

  11. less than three hours until kick off!I'm going to record the conversation so I can upload it as soon as I've hung up.

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