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Paula Kirby on Women and Religion

No amount of instruction to the husbands, parents and owners in question not to ruthlessly exploit their positions of power can alter the fact that women are classed with children and slaves when it comes to their social standing, freedom and self-determination and, like them, are called on to embrace their inferior status with cheerfulness and enthusiasm. – Paula Kirby

A brilliant piece on the Washington Post website, read the whole thing here.

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3 thoughts on “Paula Kirby on Women and Religion

  1. That's guhroovy, yet, deeply whorizontal. Get ready. The Warning, which is coming soon over all the earth, telling U.S. God is pissed-off; it'll show a brief glimpse of Heaven, Purgatory, Hell. You must decide whether to repent and believe. Is it any wonder then why our Mother said only 1/4 of humanity would go to Heaven? God bless you.

  2. Can I have what you're smoking?

  3. HeeHee You're funny. Nonetheless, that still doesn't excuse you from the wrath. Shall I look for you Upstairs, Alex, to be at my BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for maaany eons… or does Jesus haveta, like, push you off to the left for not having the proper wedding garment? How do you git it? Believe and repent. God bless.

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