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C L Taylor Watch.

I bet you’re wondering what Texan lunatic, racist, bigot, and faith head Chris Taylor has been up to! Well wonder no more!

Over at his WASP1461 account he’s been spewing out the following gibberish –

….whilst his BZ1461 account sees him impersonating the mangled syntax of Yoda, bashing Obama some more, and (in an attempt to not appear to be the same person) talking to himself –

Remember, this is Chris Taylor, wannabe teacher from Conroe, Texas – let’s keep the message alive so that any school being approached for a job by this bigot finds out just what he’s really like.

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3 thoughts on “C L Taylor Watch.

  1. Alex Botten needs to get himself a job. Who cares what this person says or thinks? How do we know that he is not just venting? How do we know that what he says is all that crazy? In the United States people have freed of speech. I bet he has a family that you are screwing with. Is that fair? You are messing with his family. You are wrong! IF YOU DON'T LIKE CHRIS TAYLOR THEN JUST IGNORE HIM.

  2. I'll ignore Chris when he stops spewing racist shite via his twitter feed. I'll ignore Chris when he gives up on wanting to be a teacher. I'll ignore Chris when he stops being such a total fucking halfwit.

  3. Btw, why are you talking about yourself in the third person, Chris?

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