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Rhomphaia and Stormbringer, the ugly face of theism.

I’ve had it up to here (raises arm above head as far as he can stretch) with the bloggers Rhomphaia and Stormbringer. The two of them are stupid beyond words…

I’ve just posted the following on Rhomphaia’s blog* in response to this indescribably halfwitted post

I actually want the ignorant prejudiced moron to block me, as the temptation to read her fucking nonsense is often too strong to resist. I’m guessing the above will be deleted in moments by the shudderingly witless harridan….

And Stormbringer? That cocking should-have-been-a-blowjob who would deny the truth of evolution even if fucking GOD turned up and said ‘Look, Stormy old son, you’ve been talking a right massive amount of bullshit in my name, so I’m taking you back in time and then we’ll watch, at an accelerated speed, the evolution of man from that first moment of abiogenesis, right up to when FUCKING FUNDIES like YOU denied FUCKING FACTS. Ready? Here we go!’ needs to be struck down by something, preferably heavy.

Honestly, I’m fucking rolling in the fucking gutter dealing with this pair of mongs, wasting my time when I could be dealing with some arse talking Christians who have more than 1 reader each of their blogs.

If I post about either of these cunts again, please just fucking shoot me.

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8 thoughts on “Rhomphaia and Stormbringer, the ugly face of theism.

  1. Hello is all right. You have lied before about ceasing to write about them. This is probably another lie.

  2.      Norman is the true face of christianity, unmasked. With most christians, you can tell that they are wearing a mask; but you can't tell what is behind it. Norman shows a true face. It's not pleasant. But it is a true face.

  3. Looks like the 'golly gosh, yeehaa!' dimwit Rhomphaia has deleted that post, probably realised it made her look like a total idiot. I'm not bothering to read her or Storms any more, they can talk to each other in isolation for all I care.

  4. First time I saw Stormbringer, he was making statements that were skating so close to being racist. And he wrote "oh boo hoo" about children dying from lack of medical care… It seems like he has no empathy for anyone different from himself.

  5. It was "Oh, boo frikkin' hoo!"

  6. Strombringer's racism seems to be unconscious. I don't think he knows how racist he sounds he sounds in that "Oh, boo frikkin' hoo!" thread.

  7. How do they force you to go and read their stupidity and post? Their control over you seems extraordinary.

  8. I've learnt my lesson and rarely look at anything that Rhomphaia and SBringer do.

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