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On What Authority? Well, not on yours, Rhomphaia

The Christian fundamentalist who hides behind the screen name ‘Rhomphaia’, author of the laughably simplistic/idiotic ‘Queen Queequeg‘ blog, has today hammered out a barely coherent rant aimed at atheists. Repeatedly she asked ‘On what authority?’ after flinging accusation after accusation at the non-believer….however, any desire to explain exactly ‘on what authority’ is somewhat scuppered by her disabling of comments for the post.

Clearly Rhomphaia doesn’t actually want anyone to answer, preferring to shake her fists in impotent rage with the safety of not having to face hundreds of replies taking her post and hateful views apart.

NOTE: I hadn’t read the whole post when I started replying, and I was shocked how disgusting some of her views are. There’s some really nasty stuff coming up, be warned.

Well, I think that if atheists are being accused of something, we should have the right to reply. So I’ve copied her post below, and will answer it point by point.

You want me to throw out my Bible and label it a fairy tale- on what authority?

Based on the Bible never having been meant to be taken literally. Based on the authority of all the theologians who have studied the Bible and understand its origins better than you do.

You want me to start worshiping the planet and let the government tell me what color my car can be – on what authority?

No, we want you to accept that Global Warming is a fact, and whilst you might think that the Second Coming is imminent, the rest of us have children who are still going to need this planet long after we’re all dead. Your ‘to hell with the world’ attitude is foolish and selfish.

You want me to believe science above the Almighty God, Creator of the Universe- on what authority?

We want people to accept FACTS over stories. To acknowledge that, perhaps, we might actually know MORE about the world now than primitive goat herds did in the Bronze and early Iron Ages.

You want me to think this world just happened, when God said it did not- on what authority?

Your god claims the world was created in a week, 6000 years ago. This is clearly not true. You’re welcome to your own beliefs, but you are not allowed your own ‘facts’. The TRUTH (something you’re supposedly hot on) is that the Earth is over 4 billion years old, not the laughable 6000 that you believe. Fucksake, we have man made art older than that!

You want me to take your worldly, half-naked dress codes and even allow my kids to do likewise, as opposed to dressing modestly per Bible instructions- on what authority?

Er, no. No-one is forcing you to wear anything you don’t want to. That’s just paranoid lunacy.

You want me to approve of homosexuality when God calls it an abomination- on what authority?

Rhomphaia, homosexuality and bisexuality occurs regularly in nature. People are born gay, were you born bigoted? You say your god made everything, so your god made people gay….is his creation an ‘abomination’?

You want me to believe that “free sex” is okay when God says it is immorality- on what authority?

What is it with the Christian obsession with sex? Rhomphaia, no-one is forcing you and yours into shagging every passing stranger. And what other people do is none of your damned business so long as no-one gets hurt. 

You want me to accept a moral code that a man made up, some where, or think that my own is good enough- on what authority?

Morality is an evolved trait, and the benefits of altruistic behaviour are well documented. By the way, you shouldn’t be so quick to complain about the morality we evolved, after all it probably caused us to evolve religions as well. 

You want me to turn from my God, follow your examples, and spew hatred, profanity, disdain, and insults on other Christians- on what authority?

No, we want you to stop repeatedly lying, spreading homophobic hatred, and generally acting like you’re better than everyone else….hang on, your point is transference, isn’t it? Or are you aiming at Stormbringer for bullshit like this post?

There are codes of law, morality, conduct etc in every land on this globe. There are laws and rules of civility in every home that’s ever been established. There’s dress codes and rules in every school that I’ve ever heard of… and if not, you would probably argue with me, that there should be some. But you want to tell me there’s no rules from a Divine Creator- on what authority?

Because there are no gods. You’re belittling the achievements of your fellow man by claiming we didn’t come up with all this ourselves.

Produce it, you deceivers who mock God and accuse God falsely!

Bring what you have that claims to be above God.

Produce it now!
Give your evidence.

Tell, show, …EVIDENCE! …produce what claims to be above God and totally discredits Him? -Then produce its authority.

OK, the Earth itself witnesses to its age, proper study of the Bible shows how it was put together by men (some of whom where polytheists!), every time you look up at the night sky you’re seeing stars that are (in some cases) many hundreds of thousands of light years away – the light falling on your eyes has been travelling for many times longer than you claim the universe has existed. 

The only people deceiving others are fundamentalists like yourself. You distort the beliefs of Christianity, howl about ‘context’ whilst completely failing to understand the origins of your holy texts, and generally give your faith a terrible name.

Give your lacking scientific calculations from some cripple piece of flesh like Hawking who can no more disprove God than he can walk and cure himself. Listen, when the likes of him or any other scientist can speak or touch him, and he can be healed, whole, and walk again- let me know. When someone can tell him- “your sins be forgiven you- thy faith has made thee whole”…outside of Jesus Christ- you let me know.

Wow, a pop at a fellow human with a disability! That’s….disgusting actually. I’m sure your god would be very proud.

Until then, you have nothing. Nothing.

Actually we’ve got loads of evidence…..enough, for example, to know that evolution is a fact, that the Earth is very old indeed, and that the Bible is riddled with error and is clearly written by man. 

You have your vain philosophies and your ideas and your morality and codes…. but you are but dust, worm food.

Have you forgotten to take your pills again? This is probably the most hate filled rant you’ve ever penned….

Look at your own hands. Tell them “you will live forever my precious”- you lie if you do. Look at them again- tell them “you just happened”…. go ahead tell your hands that they do not have a unique design far above an accident. Then look at them one last time and tell me oh vain man, how you control the life in them. Tell us the authority that you have that causes and keeps blood, oxygen, and nutrients flowing through them and where your authority will one day go when that blood pools in your hands and your heart no longer pulses blood to them. Better still, tell yourself,- but do take a good look at those hands, note their value, and note how you do NOTHING of yourself, forcefully, to give them life, except feed your own face….but even then, you must have those hands to do even that!

Rhomphaia, if we’re designed then why do we have tail bones? Why do we hiccup? Why do we have an appendix? Why do we get goose bumps?  Why do we have the remains of a Nictitating membrane in the corner of our eyes? Why do we share almost all of our DNA with the species that appear most like us? As for the rest of this section, it’s just bollocks really.

Tell your children when they come forth from the birth canal- “what a crazy mishap you are”…. go on tell them. Tell them that they were nothing to anyone, including their mother, before they exited the birth canal. Tell them that. Also tell them “there’s no hope for you when you feel the weight and guilt of sin…if you commit a terrible crime one day… you will have to suffer with the weight of it until you breathe your very last breath.”

I prefer to tell them how amazing life is. How they are the lucky ones who were born when the vast majority of potential people will never be. I tell them that any mistakes they make can be dealt with, and that there is no furious god watching their every move, waiting to sentence them to an infinity of punishment in hell for a finite amount of ‘sin’ (seriously Rhomphaia, how disgusting is the idea of eternal punishment for finite wrong doing? It’s hugely disproportionate)

Tell them all of their searches will bring them up empty. Tell them life is really useless and pointless. Because if there’s no God, you’re a waste, they’re a waste, I’m a waste, and nothing really matters. Tell your kids nothing really matters.

Or, and this is just me, I could tell them that their search will show them the wonders of the world around them, that though the only real purpose of life is to create more life, they’ve been lucky enough to be born into a sentient species, in a comfortable part of the world, where they have the freedom to do good things, to create beautiful art or music or literature, to help those less lucky than themselves, not because they think they’ll get some reward in heaven, but purely for it being the right thing to do. 

Then explain on what authority to them.

Ok, I’ll say ‘on the authority of man, which is the only authority you need worry about’

You ought have an answer because sooner or later, they will be confronted with the Bible and other religions and sooner or later, they are going to question your authority.

Actually, my children questioned the ‘authority’ of the church, realised the Bible ISN’T the inspired word of anyone, and became humanists….all while growing up in a Christian household with their mother.

“On what authority?”- they WILL ask you.

I’m willing to bet they won’t.

Don’t even bother with a bunch of foolishness and insults at me. In fact, no comments will be accepted because I know you don’t really have an answer… but I hope you will stop lying to your own soul and just resolve to say “Its just my personal choice”…because outside of that, you can’t answer;

I would have loved to answer on your blog, and I have many answers, but you’re obviously too scared to allow people to express an opinion that doesn’t exactly chime with yours. 

on what authority?

Not on yours, you vile hate filled homophobic, judgemental, sick excuse for a human.

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One thought on “On What Authority? Well, not on yours, Rhomphaia

  1. Man, she asked all these questions and then turned comments off so no-one can answer! Class-act.

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