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CL Taylor, revisited

What’s been happening with fundie lunatic and racist Chris Taylor of Conroe, Texas since we last checked in?

Obviously rattled from being shown up as a bigot, racist, idiot, and boaster that he’d abuse any teaching position to force his beliefs on students if he got his dream job, Chris locked his main @cltaylor463 account. A smarter man than Chris would have, at this point, realised that his views were best kept to himself, and satisfied himself with tweeting to old his followers, but not Mr Taylor! No, he decided that he needed two sockpuppet accounts so that his ‘wisdom’ could continue to be spread around the world.

Firstly he set up @bz1461,furnished the profile with a stock photo of a wholesome looking chap in a suit. He gave himself away in two ways, firstly one of his first tweets was to tell Chris off for spelling so badly, before then claiming to have never heard of Chris. Secondly, his writing style is identical to Chris’s, right down to the mangled syntax and weird punctuation.

When he realised that he was fooling no-one, he set up @wasp1461, idiotically keeping the ‘1461’, the bizarre writing style, and the racist views, so pulling the wool over the eyes of 0% of twitter users.

Having the Wasp1461 account seems to have emboldened Chris, and he’s letting his proper ugly racism shine out like a beacon of twattitude. Witness this delightful message to twitter users @askthequran

“You can take the Quran and shove it up your cunts or little dicks. We will never surrender to you!”

Delightful eh?

So that’s Chris Taylor, wannabe teacher of Conroe, Texas. Let’s hope that he never gets a job in a school.

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One thought on “CL Taylor, revisited

  1.      Oh let's be fair. He probably doesn't notice his bizarre writing style, making it difficult for him to change it. And he probably cannot meaningfully change his views. So the only truly idiotic thing he did, beyond setting up the sock-puppet account, was keeping the "1461."

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