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OK, some thoughts on the Cienkowski run around

I’m extremely glad that Brandy is ok, I’m just sorry I didn’t get to tell her that before she hung up…oh well, maybe she’ll see this.

Anyway, the last couple of days have shown something very clearly – fundamentalist Christians, especially in the States, have a MAJOR image problem. At no point did anyone say ‘I don’t think Joe Cienkowski isn’t capable of murder’. Atheists across the world have wondered what has happened to her, and the end result is Joe Cienkowski is probably more famous than he’s ever been (or ever would have been if left to his own devices), though not for the reasons he’d like.

It doesn’t alter the fact that fundamentalists, especially the US variety have an incredibly bad image. No one would have been surprised if this story had had an unhappy ending, no one would have been shocked at all.

Fundamentalist Christians, look at yourselves, you’re doing more harm than good to your religion.

As for the Cienkowski’s, I hope they’re ok. I think a care package from Atheists across the globe showing that we’re capable of kindness might be a good idea.

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3 thoughts on “OK, some thoughts on the Cienkowski run around

  1. I think your wrong. Abusive relationships certainly crosses all ideological boundaries. Being Christian doesn't give you a pass, but neither does being a humanist skeptic. It is dangerous to think otherwise.

  2. "fundamentalist Christians, especially in the States, have a MAJOR image problem"Uh, excuse me??? The only "image problem" that fundamentalist Christians have is in the paranoid, irrational minds of disgusting atheists. You all immediately and uncritically thought, "She hasn't been heard from, so she must be dead and he killed her!" Exactly how is that the fault of fundamentalist Christians? Take a look in the mirror sometime, pot, and you'll see that you're the one who's black.

  3. Jinx, cool your boots, you'll get a hernia.Like it or not your hysterical 'I'll believe anything so long as it's in the Bible, even if it makes no sense at all and actually contradicts reality!' fundie brethren are doing untold harm to the religion you claim to love.It's far easier to believe that a fanatical reality denier is capable of doing bad things than a calm realist.

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